81 Percent of Healthcare CIOs Cite Data Security as Top Priority

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  • CIOs are frequently tasked look for tools and technologies to improve workflows
  • 81% of CIOs surveyed said that strengthening data security was their top business goal for the next 18 months, ahead of increasing patient satisfaction (70%) and improving physician satisfaction (65%)
  • 44% said maximizing electronic health record (EHR) integrations with other hospital systems and standardizing technology within hospitals and across systems
  • 31% cited integrating hospital communication systems so they can better share information
  • When asked what technology use cases are driving their mobile application deployments, executives cited secure messaging/communication capabilities as a top priority (84%), followed very closely by EHR access and integration (83%)
  • A breakdown on which groups are permitted to use their personal devices reports that BYOD is allowed for physicians 85 percent of the time, administrators 72 percent, IT staff 63 percent, and nursing staff 17 percent
  • The challenge for IT leadership is to promote solutions that offer multiple advantages to help entice adoption —multi-purpose tools that can save physicians time, enhance patient safety, make existing workflows easier.


Via College of Healthcare Information Management Executives (CHIME)

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