A Survey of 1,502 College Students Revealed This Is the One Skill They Wished Their Parents Had Taught Them

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  • Parents, teachers, and coaches dedicate their days to preparing kids for the challenges of life after high school
  • They devote countless hours to ensuring kids can score high and perform well in today’s cutting-edge world
  • But there’s one set of valuable skills adults aren’t teaching kids–emotional skills
  • A child will never succeed without mental strength
  • A nationwide survey of 1,502 college students revealed that 60 percent wished they had gotten more help with emotional preparation for college – specifically
  • 1/ take care of oneself;
  • 2/ adapt to new environments;
  • 3/ control negative emotions or behavior; and
  • 4/ build positive relationships
  • Students revealed they felt too much emphasis was placed on academic preparation for college
  • Despite all of the effort that went into ensuring they had appealing transcripts, their lack of emotional skills impaired their academic achievement.

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