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Experienced Technology Entrepreneur
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Experienced Technology Entrepreneur
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Our Passion to Adopt and Love a Child
 Here is the birth letter we wrote to prospective mothers…

Our prayer…

Kristen and Paul have opened their hearts and home to adopting a baby. We’re praying to adopt a domestic newborn, preferably helping a birth mother from West Virginia. Do you think you could help us make any connections?


Welcome Birth Mother

Hi!  Thanks so much for coming to visit our web site!  Here we can be more open, display more photos and perhaps explain better why we believe we could be the adoptive parents you are looking for.  Birthmother letters are helpful introductions but they cannot begin to answer all the important questions that you may have.

We’re reaching out to you, let’s connect.

Ultimately nothing beats a phone call — followed up by a visit. To help you decide if this is the right step, we have designed this site to bring you into our lives and to enable you to get to know us better — as a couple and as prospective parents. We hope it gives you confidence that we could be your match. But first, let us introduce ourselves.

It’s great to meet you

Hi! We are Kristen and Paul from Charleston, West Virginia. Thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child. We know this is a difficult time and hope our letter provides you support for your decision.

We also hope it leads to a wonderful relationship between us. We have much love to give and hope this letter creates a special connection between us.

About us

We are an outgoing couple with a strong and happy marriage. We were married in Charleston, West Virginia in 2006, after dating several years. We are best friends and share everything. Our family includes an energetic baby boy, Daniel (now 22 months) and two equally energetic dogs (little Papillons named C.K. and Murray).

Both Paul and Kristen’s parents and grandparents live nearby. We love visiting them often! This child will be part of a large, loving family, with many cousins of similar age and an older brother to play and grow up with.

About Our Parenting Philosophy

Our children will have a healthy and well-grounded childhood. We are dedicated and patient parents, instilling traditional values while encouraging independent thinking. We will be there to share the good times and to offer encouragement every step of the way!

We know the value of a sound education. Kristen and Paul are both college graduates, working professionals and lifelong learners. We will provide the best education possible and will visit new places and share incredible learning experiences with our children.

There will be many special moments as we build family traditions together. We will provide a childhood filled with happy memories and loving relationships. We will also encourage our children to follow his or her dreams – to believe that anything is possible with patience and hard work.

Our Adoption Goals

Our passion is to welcome and love a domestic newborn or infant into our family.  We would especially like to help a birthmother from West Virginia if possible.

Our hopes and plans have always been for a larger family. We were so blessed with the birth of our first child less than 2 years ago. Daniel has truly been a gift from God and has so deepened our love of children and ignited our passion as parents.

The delivery for Kristen was most challenging- almost to the point of crisis and loss. Thanks to the tremendous skill and attention of her physicians she made it through post-operative recovery. In that moment, a door was closed in our lives for having another child.

We’ve journeyed the road of recovery and invested thoughtful consideration and prayer into our decision to adopt. We deeply believe our love for children is strong. Our hearts and our home are open to welcome an adoptive child into our lives. Adoption is a blessing and we will make it a source of pride for you as well as us.

Your Considerations and Needs

Before we tell you more about us, we would like to focus on you.

We cannot presume to know all of your thoughts and feelings, or the paths that have led you to our web site.  This must be a very emotional and confusing time. While we cannot change what has come before, what we can do is share the weight of your decision in a way that will comfort you.  We hope our support and concern for you can be felt in our words.

On another note, we know there are a lot of well-meaning adoptive parents out there. We have read their letters too and know their pictures and proposals are compelling. But we believe we offer something special that distinguishes us from many others. And we see no reason not to say what is on our hearts.

In fact, you will learn that about us above all else, we are open and honest. What you see is truly what you get. We are not perfect and neither is our life. But we do eliminate a lot of life’s risks that might be easy to overlook at this stage of your decision.  At least there are some things we would be asking ourselves if we were facing the same decisions that you are.

We would want to know where our baby would be in 5, 10 and 20 years.  How happy is the family setting?  How strong is the marriage? What kind of education will they have?  Will the adoptive parents fall victim to the terrible divorce statistics, the ranks of the unemployed or face an unexpected health problem.  Life has so many uncertainties — and while no one can know for sure what will happen, one benefit of more mature parents is to mitigate some of life’s risks.

Therefore, with us you will get:

  • A central focus on the child:  Bringing a new child into an established family can be great or it can be complicated and unpredictable.  All of our energy and the energy of our parents will be devoted to our children.
  • No Chance of Divorce.  Divorce statistics exceed 55%.  The choice of more established parents dramatically reduces that risk.  We know who we are and have already made our dumb decisions growing up.  We have also seen plenty of foolish mistakes by others. We haven’t spent 10-15 years growing apart–we have spent 5 years growing together.  Our commitment to parenthood is a foundation of our marriage, it is part of the glue and the bond is permanent.
  • Financial Stability Matters.  Professional and financial stability protects a family from a lot of potential stress.  Kristen is an established medical doctor and works as a physician for a large hospital system with more than 4,000 employees.  Paul is an experienced entrepreneur and business owner running an internet/media news business. Our children’s educational future will be bright.
  • Healthy and Loving.  Love is what really matters and good health is necessary to be able to share that love for decades.  With us, you get parents who have always lived a healthy lifestyle are eating wisely, getting plenty of exercise and living without stress.  You never know what life holds – but you can know what challenges have already surfaced.  We wouldn’t hesitate to ask.  We known we have been blessed and plan on passing those blessings along.
  • Happy Childhoods.  Unfortunately, the seeds of many of life’s difficulties are sown in unhealthy or tragically unfortunate childhoods. It is harder to give love if you didn’t experience it as a child.  We were lucky to have each had happy, healthy childhoods. We look forward to creating the same for our children.

Please call or e-mail anytime

Here is Kristen’s Adoption Biography to help you get to know us more. There is only so much we can tell you in a site like this, so we hope you will call or text us anytime at 304-543-2494 (Kristen) or 304-549-3033 (Paul). Please visit our web site at www.paulhelmick.com/love2adopt or email mail@paulhelmick.com


Thank you! ~ Warmly, Kristen and Paul Helmick

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