Full 2016 Data Breach Report Released by Risk Based Security

Curated by Paul Helmick

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  • There were 4,149 breaches reported during 2016 exposing over 4.2 billion records
  • Top 10 breaches (9 Hacks1 and 1 Web) exposed a combined 3 billion records
  • The Business sector accounted for 51% of reported breaches, followed by Unknown (23.4%), Government (11.7%), Medical (9.2%), and Education (4.7%)
  • The Business sector accounted for 80.9% of the number of records exposed, followed by Unknown (13.1%), Government (5.6%), Medical (.3%), and Education < .1%
  • 53% of reported breaches were the result of Hacking, which accounted for 91.9% of the exposed records
  • Malware accounted for 4% of the reported breaches, but represented just 0.4% of the records compromised
  • Ninety-four (94) breaches in 2016 exposed one million or more records
  • Six (6) 2016 breaches have taken their place on the Top 10 List of All Time Largest Breaches
  • In December 2016, Yahoo reported the single largest breach ever disclosed, impacting over 1 billion records
  • The number of reported breaches tracked by Risk Based Security has exceeded 23,700, exposing over 9.2 billion records.


Full Report via Today, Risk Based Security Data Breach report for 2016.


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