Hospitals Spend 64% More on Advertising After a Data Breach

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hospital spending on advertising after a breach
  • Hospitals spend 64 percent more annually on advertising after a breach over the following two years, according to a recent report from the American Journal of Managed Care
  • A hospital breach significantly increased the amount of spending around advertising for two years after the event, due to efforts to repair the hospital’s image and minimize patient loss to competitors
  • Breached hospitals (77%) were more likely to be large, teaching, and urban providers, with an average of about 566 beds
  • The costs associated with healthcare data breaches are more than any other sector –  it costs a breached healthcare provider $408 per patient record to recover
  • DHHR estimates it takes a breached organization more than a full year to recover.
  • Advertising and the efforts to fix the damages from a data breach increase healthcare costs and risk diverting resources and attention away from initiatives to improve care quality.

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