My personal blog in 2018

Posted by Paul Helmick

I’m a Technology CEO and Experienced Entrepreneur. I love helping people use technology to grow their business. 

A fresh start

Every year seems like a chance for a fresh, new start. That’s how I feel about my personal website and blog each year. It’s a continual work in progress. Each year I come back to it with renewed purpose to keep it going and make it better.

A consistent history

The first post on went online over 8 years, 4 months ago – September 2009. The site has over 2,000 published posts now – about 250 a year. Before that, for 5 years, it was an email newsletter ‘The Executive Edge’, where I shared insights and links to interesting stories and resources each week.

The journey

Over time I’ve done different things with the site. From writing all original articles, to curating and highlighting other people’s stories, to using it as kind of a photo-blog and sharing pictures in a structured (non-social media) way.

On that one point, with sharing photos, it seems like social media has finally won. Between Instagram My Instagram Feed and Apple and Google all capture, save, index and organize photo’s (automatically and mostly free.) It seems too manual now to post a photo on the website and then push it out to social media, unless I really want to author an original story for the photo.

Moving forward – personal interests and insights

So this year I’m returning to the roots of original writing each day. Primarily to share insights on what I’m working on, interested in, observing or thinking deeply about. The topics here will be more personal and interest oriented.

Business writing staying business focused

I keep the Health Ventures website / blog focused on the topics of business, marketing, technology and the health care industry. And that’s very appropriate since that audience of CEO’s and senior executives care a great deal about those topics and impact of digital on their industries and organizations.

A new specific blog for AI learning

I’m also starting a new blog this year exclusively focused on A.I. It’s a fascinating area to me – especially understanding how it will be such a strong disruptor of processes and industries, yet at the same time, such a powerful new enabler of the same.

The new blog ‘Thinking About.AI’ will go live in January and I’ll use it to chronicle my journey in learning more about it from the perspective of a business leader seeking to position organizations and industries to benefit from the advances in AI.

So here’s to a fresh start

A blank screen, a mind full of interests and thoughts… and ultimately a finished post to share with the world. I’m never sure who’s listening or why – but I learned a few years a go that the best reason to write is to sharpen one’s on thoughts and thinking. Having a place for it to land, be found, shared and in some form or fashion in service to others is a bonus and a blessing.

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