Skype is now going to hide probably the most embarrassing thing about video chats: your messy room.

The company has introduced a new background blur feature intended to hide away all of those parts of your room that you’d rather people not see, as well as parents whose TV interviews are interrupted by children storming into their study.

The tool uses artificial intelligence to pick out the users’s hair, hands, and arms, as well as looking for people, and will keep those visible. Everything else will blend into the background, allowing people to focus on you as you speak.

Turning it on is as simple as clicking the little video button during a chat. From there, the option to “blur my background” will appear, along with a preview of what it might look like.

But it might not always work, Skype notes. The machine learning that powers the technology might not always be able to find your background, meaning that embarrassments and difficulties could still happen.

How to Enable

1) Open Skype

2) Start a video chat with any of your available contacts.

3) Right click on the camera feed in order to get a list of options.

4) Click on the option called ‘Blur My Background.’


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Skype finally fixes the most embarrassing thing about Skyping people