To End this Pandemic We’ll Need a Free Vaccine Worldwide


Curated by Paul Helmick

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  • A great article from Time Magazine this week – highlights
  • Until we end COVID-19 transmission across the planet, we are likely to keep getting multiple COVID-19 “waves”— that is, rolling, recurrent outbreaks
  • The likely contours of the next one to two years are now coming into clearer view, most countries are still struggling desperately to put out the initial fire
  • The good news is that the time from “lab to jab” could be as short as 12-18 months, there are now at least 70 COVID-19 vaccines under development
  • The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation will help fund factories ready to manufacture seven of the vaccine candidates currently under development, even though only one or two candidates are likely to be successful, a strategy that Bill Gates acknowledges will lead to billions being spent on the abandoned five candidates. Losing a few billion dollars, he argues, is worth it compared to the trillions of dollars being lost economically by COVID-19
  • There’s still a serious risk that rich countries will monopolize the vaccine, leaving poor countries behind
  • To truly put this behind us and not have wave after wave of resurgence it needs to be a global solution that emerges.


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