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A weekly recap of the links, articles, news, tips and tricks that I share on Twitter. I look forward to following you and listening and learning more. Follow me at @paulhelmick to connect.

Weekly Twitter Digest for 2014-05-01


The newsonomics of newspapers’ slipping digital performance http://t.co/n7sAyBcsEM 2014-04-25 At my favorite coffee shop this morning for a meeting. http://t.co/v0xBIH3Irm 2014-04-25 RT @Nimble: What the New Facebook and Twitter Designs Mean for Your Business http://t.co/7zcwIe1MXM 2 … [Read more...]

Weekly Twitter Digest for 2014-04-24


See boy age 11 years in 4 minutes http://t.co/GogMfyxxQQ 2014-04-18 Daniel is very confident that his favorite number in the whole works is 17. 2014-04-18 Lily found a nice bedtime storybook http://t.co/Ii2p5wphYw #family http://t.co/jvfB2S0fnw 2014-04-18 "9 Crucial Tips for Self-Editing Your … [Read more...]

Weekly Twitter Digest for 2014-03-20


It's still worth every penny... Amazon Prime To Cost $99 A Year http://t.co/Vd04eWompg 2014-03-14 Arnold Schwarzenegger finally gets his own tank!!! Love this guy. Funny! See: Will It Crush? - YouTube http://t.co/MtdEqc3Unw 2014-03-14 What War Taught Me About Writing http://t.co/IYjEjf7F90 … [Read more...]

Weekly Twitter Digest for 2014-03-27


Keep calm. Drink more coffee. http://t.co/pOhCsW0fdA http://t.co/SIAnwjkw1n 2014-03-21 10 Inspirational Quotes from Navy SEAL Training http://t.co/Q7gzDJ2s2D 2014-03-21 RT @WSJ: By 2050, the number of Americans who are 85 or older could triple to almost 20 million. http://t.co/ka7iG4ZIVs … [Read more...]

Weekly Twitter Digest for 2014-01-23

20 Captivating Marketing Statistics That Will Drive 2014 [Infographic] http://t.co/sS30edwxLq 2014-01-17 Eight Steps to Setting Up a Successful Email Marketing Welcome Series http://t.co/N9uXgk0opX 2014-01-17 Top Email Marketing Initiatives and Challenges in 2014 http://t.co/Io23p6Qkju … [Read more...]

Weekly Twitter Digest for 2014-01-30

"Engineering & computer science majors earned the highest starting salaries in 2013 (report)" http://t.co/lYkYpppYPs 2014-01-24 "Survey Predicts a Bleak Future for Agencies" http://t.co/kgkSkVmzzt 2014-01-24 Amazing!!! "‘Rooftopper’ captures vertigo-inducing cit … [Read more...]

Weekly Twitter Digest for 2013-07-11

Permits to Allow Concealed Guns Soar http://t.co/d5xlrVVSIN 2013-07-05 50 Patriotic Facts About the 50 States http://t.co/JI5Mw4U5HO 2013-07-05 Hope everyone has a great weekend planned! All the best. Paul 2013-07-05 Lily excited to see Grandpa: http://t.co/Vr8HDq5EdJ via @YouTube … [Read more...]

Three Month Twitter Recap 2012-11-23 to 2013-02-28

Twitter Statistics

Standard 3.2 Released http://t.co/DrwZboeMAi Thu Feb 28 14:59:17 +0000 2013 MIT Report: U.S. Manufacturing Hits a Wall When It’s Time to Scale http://t.co/cIk2CQShyx Thu Feb 28 14:42:01 +0000 2013 Five Websites Capturing 20% of all Search Result Clicks http://t.co/4BylVzqgnQ Thu Feb 28 14:25:33 + … [Read more...]

Weekly Twitter Digest for 2012-11-22

Buck wild... 2012 West Virginia deer gun seasons fact sheet http://t.co/kbZ1AQRa 2012-11-16 This is good. See an Increase in Reach? Thank Facebook’s Mobile Share Button http://t.co/oZvSJ94W 2012-11-16 funny... Before Email: Postal History in 15 Photos http://t.co/4FvNAp9e 2012-11-16 One of m … [Read more...]

Weekly Twitter Digest for 2012-11-15

An inspiring success story: How A 17-Year-Old In India Bootstrapped To $7M In Revenue http://t.co/WmiPXdee 2012-11-09 Why does Twitter make it so hard to easily delete direct messages? 2012-11-09 Help. How do I use the mac @Twitter app to add a user to a list??? 2012-11-09 RT @MichaelHyatt: … [Read more...]

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