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Weekly Twitter Digest for 2014-09-04


RT @businessinsider: RANKED: All 50 state economies, from slowest to fastest http://t.co/5QAM96z1uk 2014-08-29 Think Long-Term: Never sacrifice long-term success for a short-term gain.— Daniel Decker (@DanielDecker) August 4, 2014 2014-08-30 spooky "Asked whether two unfamiliar photos of faces s … [Read more...]

Weekly Twitter Digest for 2014-08-28


yay!! Skype notifications will no longer bug you on multiple devices http://t.co/MIuWeyghDQ 2014-08-22 Why the Ice Bucket Challenge Is a Watershed Moment for Facebook http://t.co/LCPPlq0JaG 2014-08-22 Daniel's green lizard just chilling out... http://t.co/9c45gfdoVx http://t.co/sADmRVeNQB … [Read more...]

Weekly Twitter Digest for 2014-08-21


RT @ValaAfshar: 96 out of 100 angel funding investments fail http://t.co/c1GCoWLnA4 2014-08-15 RT @ValaAfshar: Venture Capital Investments Q1 2014:Software $4009M Biotech $1062M IT Svc $816M Media/Ent $743M Medical Devices $588M Co… 2014-08-16 RT @ValaAfshar: U.S. venture capital investment … [Read more...]

Weekly Twitter Digest for 2014-08-14


Your New LinkedIn Profile Makes You Ridiculously Good Looking on Mobile, and in Meetings [SLIDESHOW] http://t.co/Qmwk4v9LNo 2014-08-08 amazing...25 Gorgeous Pools Everyone Should Swim In Once http://t.co/BdHXipE2Rb 2014-08-08 What it Takes to Get to $100 Million in Revenue @jasonlk @WillYakowicz … [Read more...]

Weekly Twitter Digest for 2014-08-07


Do not let the 20% of troubles poison the 80% that God intended as a happy, marital friendship. http://t.co/DpMjbLayIR— Love & Respec... 2014-08-01 In the last 90 days, Apple sold:16,203 iPhones per hour 6,111 iPads per hour$AAPL — Vala Afshar (@ValaAfshar) July 26, 2014 201 … [Read more...]