Experienced Technology Entrepreneur
Chief Encouragement Officer

Experienced Technology Entrepreneur
Chief Encouragement Officer

Believer. Son. Husband. Father. Friend. Entrepreneur.


Thank you for taking time to visit and explore. I’m a serial business owner who likes to help people use technology to grow their business. I am fortunate to have an amazing wife and two incredible children. I pray that there might be something here on the website to encourage you in your own growth and endeavors!

This is my personal website where I share family photos,  interesting articles and insights, and reflections on the many mile markers and memories in life. I share all my daily posts in the areas of business, marketing, technology and AI on my business website.

There are also pages with my backgroundpress coverage, how we can connect with each other.  And more importantly 🙂 pages dedicated to my wife Kristen, our son Daniel and our daughter Lilymemorable family photos and other interesting topics.

paul helmick family

Paul, Kristen, Daniel & Lily Helmick
Entrepreneur. Physician. Zoologist. Princess/Teacher

Paul Helmick, Founder & CEO

323Works (formerly Health Ventures)  is professional services firm that provides select clients advice on their digital business strategies.

We develop innovative technological solutions to help clients seize opportunities and solve their most pressing problems.

Our  mission is to help owners and their leadership teams use technology to build their business... to survive, to compete, to serve, to grow and to prosper.

Life as a Serial Entrepreneur

I’m a serial entrepreneur.  It’s in my blood.  Over 30 years, with 10 companies, It’s been a true privilege to have served customers, employees, owners, partners and investors in starting, leading, growing, and building teams and companies.

I wake up every morning excited to help others to be the best they can be for the glory of God, by living and being an example of the same.

Since I was 21 years old, I have had the chance to live this dream every day – and although sometimes it was hard, I have never regretted a day.

Business is a Calling

Business is a calling.  It’s a challenge.  It grows you so fast and teaches you something new every single day.

You have the privilege of serving your customers, the responsibility of recruiting, growing and rewarding your employees, developing leaders, and the accountability of ownership.As an entrepreneur,

I’ve been blessed beyond measure with passionate, rich relationships and with friends from every walk of life.  I encourage everyone I meet to consider their own unique God-given potential and to focus on a life of high achievement, lasting legacy and contribution.