Experienced Technology Entrepreneur
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Experienced Technology Entrepreneur
Chief Encouragement Officer

Keeping Up and Managing Time


Posted by Paul Helmick

I’m a Technology CEO and Experienced Entrepreneur. I love helping people use technology to grow their business. 

Today is the first day that I’ve really felt the pressure of going on record to create a new daily habit and feeling the resistance of life press back.

Starting a new habit

Even though writing a thoughtful blog post only takes perhaps half an hour total, I’ve still not settled into a routine where that time predictably shows up each day.


Three types of time

I usually organize my days into three parts.

Structured Blocks

First there are some very highly structured blocks of time to do very specific things. This block of time usually takes care of everything that is “responsible” or “routine.” overtime, having things in this block really produces a lot of stability, consistency, and long-term success.

Creative / Deep Work

Second, I always try to leave a reasonably large block of time for thoughtful, creative, deep work.

The key here is absolutely zero interruptions. This time is priceless. This is where your brain can think, innovation and solutions can be created, problems solved.

Original writing and thinking and exploration takes place. I highly value this time. It’s usually wear the most significant value and contribution is created.

Managment / Flex Time

Lastly there is flex time to juggle all of the one off things that seem to come up each day. Managing the various details of projects and personal life which are never predictable. Time for conversations that just come up that need to be had. I’m a firm believer in that you always need to have a little margin in your day in order not to wreck the routine and the deep work.

New habits have to find a place

I have yet to work into my firmly committed daily routine, the time to write and blog. Instead it has been falling into the latter category of doing it when I can. I’m learning that it does take a little time to adjust that routine part of your day to accommodate something new.

I think everyone has to juggle and balance this mix

I think all of us probably juggle a similar mix of time demands like that. Each of us having things that we have to do regularly, creative work that needs done without much interruption, and the flexibility to juggle last-minute priorities or urgent items as they pop up. It’s a tricky balance.

From kids to CEOs, no one is exempt 🙂

I watch experienced executives who seem to have Jedi skills in this area still struggle with it.

I watch my own children as they are learning to be increasingly more and more responsible for their own work try and sort it out.

Time management and prioritizing will always be part of our life

I think this is one of those lifelong pursuits that we’re always going to be working on. And in different seasons of life or our companies, priorities and responsibilities continually change. We will always be in the mode of adapting and organizing our own lives to meet the realities of the day.

I hope this is a thoughtful observation and I will continue to write and share helpful insights for you in this journey.

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