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Experienced Technology Entrepreneur
Chief Encouragement Officer

Know Your Roles and Goals


Posted by Paul Helmick

I’m a Technology CEO and Experienced Entrepreneur. I love helping people use technology to grow their business. 

Here are two resources that you’ll find incredibly helpful in your life.

Every Year has New Goals (and Roles)

Each year, I’ve learned to kind of set some goals for my life. And I’ve done this for years and years and years and years.

Two Models to Set Goals

And there’s two models that I continually come across when wanting to set goals for your life.

Be. Have. Do.

The first is called the be, have, do model. I really don’t like this, but I’ll explain it because you find it almost everywhere. You’re to make a list of the things that you want to have in your life, possessions, usually, and the things you need to do to achieve them. And then you start thinking about the type of person you might have to be in order to go do that. To me, that’s always seemed a little greedy, a little materialistic can be chasing after stuff.


Discovering Stephen Covey – 7 Habits

I found as I got into really reading and trying to grow, that Stephen Covey had a wonderful book called The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. And I’ve read this book three, four or five times, but he wrote some follow on books, called First things first, and this was all about ordering the priorities of how you focus your time, and you use really the most valuable resource that you have your time and your talent to advance things in your life.


Roles and Goals

In that book there was this principle in there of roles and goals. This is where he talked about what are the roles in your life? And what are the outcomes you would like to have, say, one year out, with that role?


My Roles and Goals

And so my life I’m a, I’m a believer, husband, father, friend involved in several businesses, some community activities, boards of directors, etc. And I try to always envision what’s the major contribution, what’s the impact, what’s the result, the outcome that could come one year from now from being in that role.


It’s a really challenging exercise to think deeply about that. And what I’ve then learned is, as I jot those things down, I can keep them ever present in front of me. You can then back them up from what are you looking for in terms of a year to maybe a quarter or a month, and when you sit down, I sit down on a Sunday, and think about my week ahead, you can start to put into your week, what they call the big rocks, the important things in each of those areas.

The rest of life will ‘fit in’

You can then always squeeze in the rest of stuff life throws at you and it will fill in flow around your big rocks.


Two Resources

So I’m sharing with you two resources today.

1) Roles and Goals Worksheet Video

One is going to be a short video introducing this roles and goals concept from Stephen Covey.

2) Big Rocks First Video

How putting the big things in your life first allows all the little details and everything else to just fill in around it. This ensures you’re not missing the big important things.

Here’s to a great year!

So that’s the essence of today’s post. I hope it’s helpful as you think about what’s happening in your business and personal life in the in the coming year.


What are some of your biggest roles and goals you have for the new year?

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