2017 Weigh-In

Posted by Paul Helmick

I’m a Technology CEO and Experienced Entrepreneur. I love helping people use technology to grow their business. 

2017 Weight

194.8 is my starting point for 2017. This past year I hit 200 for the first time. My goal is 185 and to be much more fit.

I had hoped have better managed my diet and exercise this past year and will deepen my resolve this year.

In the end I just need to stop eating pointless carbs and actually do some intentional exercise some each day.

I’ve been blessed with a fantastic metabolism and great health all my life. My ‘Army honed’ fitness level has declined from having coasted on it for 20 years. And the chips, lattes and Oreos have not helped 🙂

I think a basic level of daily cardio and some core strength exercises and stretching will be the right regimen for me.

I’m going to start with some basic goals that I’ll share in another post related to steps, cardio minutes, and some push ups, sit-ups and pull-ups each day.

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