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Experienced Technology Entrepreneur
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Experienced Technology Entrepreneur
Chief Encouragement Officer

Amazon Kindle PaperWhite Unboxing (25 photos w/comments)

Curated by Paul Helmick

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Kindle Paperwhite, 6″ High Resolution Display with Built-in Light, Wi-Fi

Truly exciting to get this in last night.  Here is a firsthand step-by-step reveal and my comments! Enjoy – I truly think this is one of the best eReaders ever made.


Opening the box… nice and clean… feels like an apple!

20121009-111505.jpgSleek, not to light, not to heavy, just one button to push.

20121009-111518.jpgI hablo Engles..

20121009-111526.jpgLet’s get started! It took about 20 seconds to fully load up for the first time.

20121009-111533.jpgIt’s definitely bright

20121009-111539.jpg… and looks even better with Kristen’s flowers.

20121009-111547.jpgReady to go!!!

20121009-111553.jpgConnecting to the home WIFI – This one also has the 3G so I can buy books in anyone of 127 countries I might visit (grin)

20121009-111601.jpgIt came to me automatically associated with my Amazon account, and evidently, already knows about my facebook and twitter credentials from the cloud.

20121009-111607.jpgTutorial time – Amazon did a great job walking a user through a welcome wizard. They also have a very good users guide on the device.

20121009-111614.jpgThe tap zones are very large and easy to use. You can also swipe left or right or up and down to turn pages or scroll.

20121009-111622.jpgThe top toolbar is very clean and useful.

20121009-111627.jpgahh. The famous ‘over 40’ screen – I love how you can change the font size to make any book comfortable to read.

20121009-111631.jpgTap and hold on any word and get a pop-up dictionary and additional links to a full page definition or wikipedia entry.

20121009-111638.jpgI am a crazy highlighter… and love how you can go back to http://kindle.amazon.com and see your book highlights.

20121009-111646.jpgTutorial complete. Ready to Read.





20121009-111728.jpgTurned off, back lighting goes off, screensaver – truly a very sharp screen showing the ’64 Shades of Grey’ display.

20121009-111741.jpgThe back of the Kindle is a nice, firm, non-skid rubber – makes it very comfortable to hold onto.

20121009-111745.jpgComparative size, tiny, just 6″ tall

20121009-111749.jpgAs thin as my iPhone 5 and not much larger – really it’s the perfect size.

20121009-111759.jpghmm… I didn’t realize I’d bought 307 books from Amazon over the years… This is the cover view showing some of the recent periodical magazine issues.

20121009-111817.jpgDemo time. Backlighting turned off in a normally lit room. Easy to control. Just tap the light bulb icon and drag the slider up and down.

20121009-111822.jpgBacklighting 50% in a normally lit room.

20121009-111830.jpgBacklighting 100% in a normally lit room – too bright!

20121009-111836.jpgBacklighting off in a dark room with just one door open to the hallway. This would be like looking at a normal eInk kindle in very low lighting – really not readable. I think my iPhone5 camera’s low-light sensitivity helped the photo out some.

20121009-111840.jpgBacklighting 50% in a dark room. This is really quite readable. I read last night in bed for about an hour on the 11-13 setting. Just perfect.


Kindle Paperwhite, 6″ High Resolution Display with Built-in Light, Wi-Fi

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