Learning how to better organize my Facebook photo albums

Posted by Paul Helmick

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I’m trying to better organize some of our photo’s in my facebook photo albums … I seem to drop them all in the ‘mobile uploads’ album and keep getting these misc 100 photo albums created… I wish there was a better way to organize them.

I just found this cool batched way to move selected pics to a new album and am going to try to keep pics moving forward in a better context.

Facebook Photo Albums


So I’m going back and creating albums for Lily Birth, Lily 1,2,3 months old, Daniel Birth, Daniel Year 1, 2, etc, making albums for home, funny stuff, etc – and going to try and take 10 minutes or so each evening for a while to get these better organized.

Also, I’ve noticed that the two photo apps that I use on my iPhone, PhotoGene and Camera+ both let me upload a touched up photo directly into a specific Facebook Album. Camera+ even lets you create a new Facebook photo album from the app.

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