Recap of the LiveBlog for Amazon Kindle Fire

Posted by Paul Helmick

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Here is a recap of the tweets from this morning’s announcement from Amazon for their new Kindle Touch’s and Kindle Fire.  Bottom line: The new Fire for $199 with tons of features/services, the black/white Touch 3G is $149 or WiFi for$99, and a super affordable and ultra-sleek new Kindle for just $79


Posted in reverse chronological order.

  • Link to the $79 Kindle with all other models at bottom of the… #kindle
  • Two Kindle Fire’s on Pre-Order 🙂 #kindle
  • Order here:… #kindle
  • Bottom line: It’s Fire for $199, Touch 3G for $149, Touch for $99, and Kindle for $79. #kindle
  • I do like that all the content is stored in the cloud. It’s been so frustrating being slaved to iTunes on a specific computer #kindle
  • Available to pre-order today – ships on Nov 15th. #kindle
  • End users won’t care about the techie browser feature as long as it is simple and fast. #kindle
  • Amazon Silk browser – splits processing/rendering page between the device and the cloud computing center – better, faster, etc #kindle
  • Today’s announcement is very material and beginning of the real end of print media… #kindle
  • The Kindle will arrive to you pre-registered with your device credentials – ready to go. A nice contrast to my first iPad setup. #kindle
  • Incredible how Blackberry just failed with their Playbook. Yet Amazon can pick it up and make it a winner with UI and an ecosystem #kindle
  • Delete anything off and get it back anytime.. Everything stored long-term for you in the Amazon Cloud #kindle
  • What if Whispersync also worked with movies and TV Shows? Well, it does. Pick up anywhere you left off. #kindle
  • 100,000 movies and TV shows, 17 million songs, access to the Android Appstore, Kindle books… #kindle
  • Kindle Fire: 7-inch IPS display, dual-core processor, 14.6 ounces. #kindle
  • Photo of the new Kindle Fire: – clean, sleek, understated… Love it #kindle
  • Announcing the new Kindle Fire now… #kindle
  • “In terms of service… Amazon is Coke and their is no Pepsi” – Great quote from Jeff Bezos #kindle
  • I don’t buy alot of music and when I do it’s via my iphone via itunes…#kindle
  • Amazon also has a MP3 store with 17 million songs, some as cheap as $.69, and all playable anywhere via the Cloud Player #kindle
  • Our family loves Amazon Prime – we use it almost every day – mostly for diapers! 😉 #kindle
  • Amazon Prime, with free two-day shipping for $79 a year. Millions of members, says Jeff. #kindle
  • Amazon’s Prime Instant Video has 11,000 movies and TV shows commercial-free for no extra cost. #kindle
  • It’s incredible how quickly Amazon has innovated in this space. #kindle
  • The $79 Kindle Touch is under 6 oz and 18% smaller than the Kindle 3 #kindle
  • Jeff said that the Amazon Offers are now much more relevant… Local spam vs distant spam 🙂 #kindle
  • The $79 Kindle is available to ship today. #kindle
  • For $79, you can get the Kindle Touch, without the touch screen, (has 5 buttons at the bottom) – incredible new price point. #kindle
  • The new Kindle Touch WiFi is now $99. Pre-orders begin now. Shipping Nov 21st #kindle
  • Engadget also has a great liveblog with photo’s “Live from Amazon’s tablet event in NYC!” #kindle
  • The new Kindle Touch – sized like the Kindle 3 but has no buttons/keys. It has a e-ink touch screen to change pages/menus. #kindle
  • Bloomberg Article: Amazon Unveils $199 Kindle Fire Tablet – Bloomberg #kindle
  • I’ve bought about 10 Kindles for our team, family and friends… Kindle 1’s, much improved 2’s and awesome Kindle 3’s #kindle
  • Now: Live blogging the @amazon @Kindle announcement on #kindle
  • Amazon says “Buy Once. Read Anywhere” #kindle
  • Four years ago Amazon had 90,000 books. Today we’re over a million — and that doesn’t include the copyright-free texts. #kindle
  • Amazon’s ecosystem enabling a tool like this is amazing. Books, Videos, Music, Products. Customers & Developers should be thrilled. #kindle
  • Jeff Bezos on stage now… Thinking back at all that Amazon has accomplished is incredible… #kindle
  • Kindle users LOVE their e-readers. The book had been around for 5 centuries – improving on it is a challenge! #kindle

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