Experienced Technology Entrepreneur
Chief Encouragement Officer

Experienced Technology Entrepreneur
Chief Encouragement Officer

Experienced Technology Entrepreneur
Chief Encouragement Officer

Setting Goals for 2015

Curated by Paul Helmick

I’m a Technology CEO and Experienced Entrepreneur. I love helping people use technology to grow their business. 

Do you set goals each year?

I do. Every year. For as long as I can think. I take time before the year ends to 1) look back at the year and reflect on the positive things that happened and what I’m grateful for and 2) review the major roles in my life and the 4–5 goals for each of those areas of my life for the coming year.

How do you approach to goal setting?

I’m always looking for solid self-improvement frameworks to build upon in approaching goal setting. Some solid frameworks I’ve used in the past are ones from Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy, and Stephen Covey. They are all great and I’ve read and re-read their material several times.

Michael Hyatt’s Make 2015 your Best Year Ever

I’ve followed Michael’s work for some time. His blog – where he shared thoughts on personal productivity and leadership is great material. When Michael launched, Platform, “strategies for getting your voice heard in a busy world”, it aligned with much of my thinking on where web publishing and social media strategies were heading. Platform University is a great resource to that end.

A Quick 5-part Video Course on Goal Setting

This year Michael launched a five day video course entitled “Make 2015 your Best Year Ever”. I’m going through the course with my wife and very encouraged at the way he has put together a very clean and actionable program that people can go through in bite-sized 15–20 minute pieces with some clear action steps at the end of each lesson.

Quick, free video intro to the course


I’m excited about finishing up the course with my wife. I’ve an idea how my goals are shaping up for the year. I think it will be a good experience to also understand her goals for the year and us having put them together using a similar framework. I hope we can be an encouragement to each other as we tackle the new year together.

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