Experienced Technology Entrepreneur
Chief Encouragement Officer

Experienced Technology Entrepreneur
Chief Encouragement Officer

Experienced Technology Entrepreneur
Chief Encouragement Officer

Monthly Tweetcap: 2011-05 May Twitter Posts by @paulhelmick

Paul Helmick on Twitter

Posted by Paul Helmick

I’m a Technology CEO and Experienced Entrepreneur. I love helping people use technology to grow their business. 

Paul Helmick on Twitter

As promised in a prior post, “Saving Historical Tweets on my Blog” – here is a full recap of May’s tweets.

  • I use Google Reader to follow a couple hundred bloggers in our industry as well as follow several Twitter lists I’ve curated each day.
  • Most of the items I share relate to Entrepreneurship, Angel/Venture Capital, Internet, News, Social Media, Technology, Business and Personal Productivity.
  • When I find a link or post of interest I quickly star it or mark it as a favorite.  I then have a service like DLVR.IT, TwitterFeed or HootSuite scan my starred items and favorite tweets and post them out ever hour or so throughout the day.
  • I  usually spend about a half hour in the early morning and half hour at night to keep up with industry news and select a few items to share out each day.


 The U.S. has 8.4M millionaires, adding 600,000 last year, up 8%. 2007 was the highest year with 9.4M millionaires.
 Did you know China now has 960,000 millionaires, up almost 10% from last year?
 70% of Facebook’s 500 million users are outside of the U.S. Facebook is banned in China. (officially 0 users)
 Facebook now serves one third of all display ads in the U.S. Twice as many as their closest rival, Yahoo.
 Amazing. Only one half of one percent of Facebook ads are ever clicked on and they still pulled in $2 billion in sales in 2010
 AOL Is Firing People for Being Bad at Firing People http://bit.ly/kkhfR5
 Angel Investing: No Revenue, No Metrics, No Magic Formula http://bit.ly/koQdZJ
 Epic Camera Battle Subs Gunshots For Snaps [VIDEO] http://bit.ly/iERWIr
 Parkersburg Native Donates $3 million to WVU http://bit.ly/iMC9mR
 A Breakdown of 5 Fundamental Presentation Skills http://bit.ly/ieo6Ej
 Top 10 Social Networking Websites & Forums – April 2011 http://bit.ly/jGC4xM
 Playboy archives coming to iPad tomorrow http://bit.ly/muU353
 Angel Investors Need to Get Their Hands Dirty http://bit.ly/m52Bpu
 How Getting Real and REWORK helped Sketch Lab creator build a web app http://bit.ly/jfHCn1
 A Paid Content Model That Makes Sense http://bit.ly/iD3tBg
 This Is The Best Way An Entrepreneur Has Ever Spent His FU Money http://bit.ly/kC5RDM
 And the 2011 U.S. Doodle 4 Google winner is… http://bit.ly/k3lh62
 Xbox 360 PayPal Shopping Starts Now! [Blip] http://bit.ly/lyvmSf
 Infographic: The Changing Scope of Advertising http://bit.ly/m75FaW
 Top 10 Health & Medical Information Websites – April 2011 http://bit.ly/mEq1Lt


 Put Yourself Out There and Risk Failing – Prerna Gupta of Khush http://bit.ly/ltxboA
 StateNewslines http://statenewslines.com lets you browse, search and share headline news in any state for free… Enjoy!
 StateNewsWire http://statenewswire.net helps you send out statewide/local news releases. Please RT and share! #pr#prsa #media


 Hiring the Right People Without Going Broke http://bit.ly/k1zHKm
 StateNewsWire http://statenewswire.net helps you send out statewide/local news releases. Please RT and share! #pr#prsa #media
 Kristen and I were tied neck in neck in Words With Friends – but she just crushed me with a 126 point ‘JOTS’ triple letter triple word play.
 http://ping.fm/p/0bVNd – Undeniable proof of Kristen’s word domination tonight…


 The Girl Scouts w/3.3 million members give the Keebler Elf a run for his money, selling $700 million of cookies each year.
 Nonprofits also can earn income tax free. 70% of the $1.4 trillion in nonprofit revenues comes from sale of goods and services.
 Didn’t know this. Nonprofits can accept tax-free up to 50% of an individuals income or 10% of a corporations income.
 The US has 1.3 million 501c3 non-profit organizations that raise over $300 billion in donations each year.
 How to Pitch Investors: Four Tips from TechStars New York http://bit.ly/lT5PAe
 Stop Giving it Away For Free and Start Creating Brand Value http://bit.ly/lK231E
 Instapaper May Add Blogging Support http://bit.ly/ivT4uE
 That’s a 28% decline, resulting in 5 million fewer manufacturing jobs than in 2001.
 In the past ten years, 54,000 US factories have closed or moved offshore, including 40% of facilities w/more than 1,000 employees BLS
 The LinkedIn IPO: A Valuable Lesson for Entrepreneurs http://bit.ly/kvFlxW
 Why Your Klout Is Critical http://bit.ly/l8OJrv
 Entrepreneur, the Magazine That Sues Entrepreneurs http://bit.ly/ln9ZIN
 More than 5 million iOS games downloaded daily http://bit.ly/lx9m55
 America’s Fastest-Growing Cities http://bit.ly/knG9fG
 The List Of Startups Launching At TechCrunch Disrupt New York http://bit.ly/lRMnj7
 The U.S. has 1.8 children per household and has 1.9 automobiles per household. We have more cars than people in our homes!
 Square By The Numbers: 500K Card Readers Shipped; 1 Million Transactions In May http://bit.ly/mb4iEp
 Square’s Disruptive New iPad Payments Service Will Replace Cash Registers http://bit.ly/imntAI
 When You’re Hungry for Sales, Consider These Lead-Gen Tools http://bit.ly/kW8rlM
 VIDEO: Rich Rodriguez Interview on Decision Makers via @WVillustrated http://bit.ly/j4UwA3


 Making More Women Entrepreneurs’ Stories Heard http://bit.ly/jzwmwO
 10 Things You Need to Check Before Investing in a Startup http://bit.ly/mPWqTE
 5 Easy Ways to Liven Up Your Facebook Stream http://bit.ly/jD1XHg
 US App Store: 500,000 apps later http://bit.ly/jQQamC
 The New Evernote Google Chrome Extension http://bit.ly/m7b1a7
 According to @Klout, @paulhelmick’s Klout score is 71. How influential are you? http://t.co/GTaGZO4
 Top 10 Most Influential Entrepreneurs http://huff.to/l67zNg
 Interactive: The $2 trillion march of the Fortune 10 http://bit.ly/mIqGqn
 Quick Stat: 72.8 Million People Will Be Playing Mobile Games This Year http://bit.ly/l00VM6
 What is the second paragraph? http://bit.ly/jvrdr9
 This Is the Last Handwritten Newspaper [Video] http://bit.ly/iN42sb
 How to Protect Your Brand From the Coming .XXX Porn Domain http://bit.ly/k8AjmL
 Deja Is Flipboard For Video (And It’s Very Slick) http://bit.ly/iM5PHS
 Twitter Will Now Send You An Email If A Follower Retweets Or Favorites Your Tweets http://bit.ly/k2eXpp
 What Should a Digital Public Library of America Look Like? http://bit.ly/jeSVOZ
 80% of mobile videos watched happen on iOS devices http://bit.ly/kBMTUP
 Cops Scramble Helicopters and Tranquilizer Teams to Take Down Stuffed Tiger [Wtf] http://bit.ly/mgzUHw
 The 20 Most (and Least) Lucrative College Majors http://bit.ly/kLKgBg


 Who’s Doing It Right? How Machinima.com Got 70 Million Viewers on YouTube http://bit.ly/lH9unE
 8 in 10 US Adults Overweight http://bit.ly/kzNdRY
 8 Great Experimental Features to Enable in Google Calendar’s Labs [Google Calendar Labs] http://bit.ly/jlbWpM
 News apps make up only 3% of all offerings in Apple’s App Store http://bit.ly/jg0iH3
 #HootSuite White Paper Series on Applying Social Media Measurement to the Sales Funnel http://bit.ly/l4wSfy
 The Internet Is 20% Of Economic Growth [Silicon Alley Insider] http://bit.ly/lqVQog
 The Top 10 VC Firms, According To InvestorRank http://bit.ly/jXwXnJ
 StateNewslines http://statenewslines.com lets you browse, search and share headline news in any state for free… Enjoy!
 YouTube Turns 6 Years Old, Daily Views Shoot Up To 3 Billion (Yes, 3 Billion. Daily.) http://bit.ly/lENW7e
 Traditional Media Spending Faces Stagnation http://bit.ly/mxGj3w
 5 Steps To Delegate Your Business so Your Company Can Grow http://bit.ly/mEfeyJ
 On the Road to Riches: Those Under 35 With $100K Household Income http://bit.ly/jFzP8w
 Stop Pretending That Search Engine Marketing Is Advertising http://bit.ly/ivQlGB
 Who Belongs to the API Billionaires Club? http://bit.ly/kstj3K
 Google’s Latest Data Center Is Cooled Entirely With Ocean Water (Matt Rosoff/SAI) http://bit.ly/iNS1sq
 8 Brands That Have Found Success on Facebook & What We Can Learn http://bit.ly/jibFiZ
 Top 10 Politics Websites – April 2011 http://bit.ly/lYjmND


 The First Deal: The Division of Founder Equity in New Ventures http://bit.ly/l6CEUO
 Online Ad Revenues Jump 23% to New Record http://bit.ly/l3SInC
 A Water Purification Plant for an Entire Town. In a Box. [Monster Machines] http://bit.ly/lQ1ypP
 7 Ways Ad Agency Pros Stay on Top of Social Media Trends http://bit.ly/mdemni
 1 in 3 Mobile Workers Check Email First http://bit.ly/ilshF0
 What Five Days of Deadly Tornadoes Looked Like From Space [Video] http://bit.ly/kRkt1M
 Women in Business [infographic] http://bit.ly/kMQ7aj
 Top 50 Websites: CareerBuilder Joins Ranking, Netflix Surges http://bit.ly/lV9rCb
 Coal Operator Donates $5M to WVU http://bit.ly/lGy7nH
 7 Reasons Your E-mail Pitches Are Failing http://bit.ly/jXGiUX
 The 1/9/90 Rule: What You Need To Know http://bit.ly/kR8wBq
 15 Examples Of Towel Origami http://bit.ly/ivVIv9
 5 Ambitious Social Good Startups Created In a Single Weekend http://bit.ly/koK2Gu
 8 Tips for Writing a Love Letter to Your Spouse http://bit.ly/jkszKZ
 Not Taking No For an Answer: Kyle Smitley Founder of Barley & Birch http://bit.ly/j1A2UW
 I’m Not a Christian, But I’m Coming to Your Church This Sunday http://bit.ly/mHsYpu
 30 Super Useful Nonprofit Hashtags – Twitter Chats, Too! | Company K Media http://bit.ly/mCPnK8
 Pampers New TV Spot is Full of Little ‘Miracles’ http://bit.ly/jWUOQn
 Man Vs. Debt: How Adam Baker Sold Everything He Owned & Turned It Into A Business http://bit.ly/mtrASX
 An Actor Who Knows Start-Ups http://bit.ly/jxJ1Ai


 INFOGRAPHIC: The Soaring Valuations Of Social Networking Companies http://bit.ly/k2I3Dz
 8 Important Term Sheet Items to Evaluate Before Investing in a Startup http://bit.ly/lGpSwr
 Facebook Profile Photos By The Numbers [INFOGRAPHIC] http://bit.ly/m1Ye3t
 5 Strategies for Maximizing Your Content’s Social Reach http://bit.ly/kPJDyI
 Top Startups: 9 New Startups That Are Rocking the New Startup Scene http://bit.ly/l1iLYy
 Startup Mantra: Hire Fast, Fire Fast http://bit.ly/mkazDz
 How to Compensate Sales Hunters, Farmers and Account Managers http://bit.ly/ltFczJ
 U.S. Hispanics by Country of Origin http://bit.ly/mhbTnF
 3 Simple Steps to Becoming a Millionaire http://bit.ly/kGIF3A
 100 Awesome Marketing Stats, Charts, & Graphs http://bit.ly/mwOmcq
 Listen to 60 Marketers in 60 Minutes from M.Tech 2011 http://bit.ly/l4P0ll
 Making money on Android vs Apple’s iOS http://bit.ly/kuZ9Z7
 By 2020, China No. 1, US No. 2 http://bit.ly/mhgwCg
 Infrared satellite survey reveals 17 lost pyramids http://bit.ly/la0VcX
 StateNewslines http://statenewslines.com lets you browse, search and share headline news in any state for free… Enjoy!
 Strategy Roundtable For Entrepreneurs: Twitter, LinkedIn – Why Not Affiliates? http://bit.ly/kiQ59m
 Twitter Is Valued At 50x Its Revenue [Infographic] – AllTwitter http://bit.ly/kUqH10
 From stock boy shares to billionaires [infographic] – Holy Kaw! http://bit.ly/jLx9nb
 How Google Wallet works http://bit.ly/kWo3NF
 Ashton Kutcher’s TechCrunch Disrupt Investment http://bit.ly/jQv7Qb


 StateNewslines http://statenewslines.com lets you browse, search and share headline news in any state for free… Enjoy!
 via @TechCrunch: (Founder Stories) Gilt’s Kevin Ryan—It Is All In The Presentation http://tcrn.ch/ifGGVm
 via @jeffbullas: How Email Marketing Can Boost Your Social Media Presence http://bit.ly/cJKprR
 via @LightStalking: 5 Cool Websites on the Art of Macro Photography http://bit.ly/j17FPK
 via @jeffbullas: How To Increase Your Blogs Email Subscribers by 1,833% http://bit.ly/9C3cCB
 via @jeffbullas: Why You Should Be Optimizing Your Blog and Website For Mobile http://bit.ly/drFSok
 via @wired: RT @TechCrunch Is There A Peak Age for Entrepreneurship? http://tcrn.ch/lDWPG8


 Just saw that in WW2, 43 million American men were registered for combat service. Today we have 1.4M active and 1.5M reserve personnel
 The Startup Genome Project Examines the Science of Startups http://bit.ly/j9q5xg
 Dog Sucked up by Tornado Finds His Way Home http://bit.ly/luoxfQ
 The One Thing No One Tells You About Doing Business in China http://bit.ly/jhGkQg
 Check this video out — Cat mom hugs baby kitten http://t.co/pI1GkFi via @youtube
 The Heart Of Your Business Plan http://bit.ly/mcpOLn
 New Post: Memorial Day Video: “I Fought For You” – so thankful for all our soldiers and their familieshttp://bit.ly/laNgvc
 Memorial Day – Wikipedia, commemorates men and women who died while in military service to the United States.
 The Current State of Mobile Email Compatibility http://bit.ly/lxtq3A
 The Ultimate Guide To Disrupt NYC 2011 http://bit.ly/lTPYNE
 Internet Domain Names Top 209.8 Million - http://bit.ly/iJTKN4 – LOL, I own 320 of them!
 StateNewsWire http://statenewswire.net helps you send out statewide/local news releases. Please RT and share! #pr#prsa #media
 Beautiful Saturday morning. I hope everyone enjoys their holiday weekend.


 12 Unexpected Places To Host Great Client Meetings http://bit.ly/iNoU1h
 Disrupt Backstage Pass: Ashton Kutcher On Why He Invested In AirBnB http://bit.ly/mEr8Pu
 (Founder Stories) Quora’s Charlie Cheever On Building A Disruptive Knowledge Platform http://bit.ly/lenYHn
 Pitching your startup: Learn how to use a “Hook” to get press. http://bit.ly/lm6GZl
 The Pocket Notebooks of 20 Famous Men http://bit.ly/kdh2C1
 Why You Should Really Care About Groupon & Living Social? http://bit.ly/kg5dDa
 21 Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read http://bit.ly/l2cEFK
 via @MichaelHyatt: I’m taking Memorial Day off, but here’s a post I did, “A Thank You to Our Veterans”:http://mhyatt.us/b2VScq
 via @MichaelHyatt: This is THE secret to success: “How to Influence People: The Most Overlooked Secret” |http://mhyatt.us/llMyRB (via…
 Bootstrapping: Accumulating Wealth Instead of Winning it Like a Lottery http://bit.ly/j4538l
 via @headstartup: Business cards for the 21st century: http://bit.ly/mjSJKh
 via @BoogarLists: Directory of Communications Technologies [630 firms]: http://bit.ly/cYpJgY | #BoogarLists
 StateNewsWire http://statenewswire.net helps you send out statewide/local news releases. Please RT and share! #pr#prsa #media
 Column: 1 million veterans need jobs. Let’s help them. http://usat.ly/kbkYdG via USA TODAY


 RT @NancyPerez: Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.
~ Benjamin Franklin
 via @steverubel: Is Share of Voice a Useless PR Metric? – Really solid piece from my colleagues via matthewhayles: The answer……
 You and I are incredibly lucky http://bit.ly/lZwjIu
 StateNewslines http://statenewslines.com lets you browse, search and share headline news in any state for free… Enjoy!
 The formula for business social media success: Attract people, Engage people, Connect people. The best way to…http://bit.ly/mkViSQ
 The Postal Service is Dead, Long Live Email http://bit.ly/k2zzjP
 10 Signs Web-Based Sharing Is Reaching A Tipping Point http://bit.ly/mIymLI
 How to Format Blog Posts Effectively http://bit.ly/j9aNPV
 5 Lessons Learned From a Fundraising Start-Up http://bit.ly/mRJa6v
 via @vc20: Why The GrowVC Network? – For Entrepreneurs http://grow.vc/fnUyy9 #startups, #vc, #crowdfunding:http://bit.ly/ilI06s
 via @ABC: Cable Customer Pays $1,100 to Express Frustration with Time Warner Cable http://abcn.ws/mRfy0I
 via @HuffingtonPost: 7 most overrated things about New York (PHOTOS) http://huff.to/mPOkqz
 via @2cre8: Bill Gates’ brilliantly accurate predictions for the Internet…from 1995 - http://tnw.co/kfcMc0 /via @zaibatsu @leymariecel
 22 charts on the economy, wealth, and spending http://bit.ly/lECpuy
 The Influential Marketing Book List – May 2011 http://bit.ly/jMald0

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