Experienced Technology Entrepreneur
Chief Encouragement Officer

Experienced Technology Entrepreneur
Chief Encouragement Officer

Experienced Technology Entrepreneur
Chief Encouragement Officer

Monthly Tweetcap: 2011-06 June Twitter Posts by @paulhelmick

Paul Helmick on Twitter

Posted by Paul Helmick

I’m a Technology CEO and Experienced Entrepreneur. I love helping people use technology to grow their business. 

Paul Helmick on Twitter

Here is a full recap of June 2011 tweets. Also, here is a link to the full summary from May 2011. These monthly recaps are based on my prior post, “Saving Historical Tweets on my Blog” –

My twitter presence @paulhelmick is quite active.  I usually share 10-20 high-quality, timely posts per day with links to articles, resources and comments on entrepreneurship, technology, media and social media, advertising/sales/marketing and public relations.


 via @CHRISVOSS: Dont find fault, find a remedy. Henry Ford
 via @jeffbullas: 50 Fascinating #Facebook #Facts And Figures http://ow.ly/57sc3 #Statistics #SocialMedia
 If you had an extra hour or two each day, what would you do with it?
 via @davefleet: RT @dcconcierge: Why @SteveRubel shut down his two blogs and jumped to Tumblrhttp://tnw.to/18j0s by the man himself (via…
 via @wiredprworks: Reading Forget Harvard: Here’s The Entrepreneur Test For The Rest Of Us via @barrymoltzhttp://budurl.com/nphf
 Intrapreneurs: The In-House Form of Entrepreneurship Every Small Business Needs http://bit.ly/jdfnUL
 via @jmatuga: 10 Must-Haves for Better for Word-of-Mouth Marketing http://zite.to/kPG8YJ
 Make it a great June!
 Google 2015: what will it look like? http://bit.ly/mKmWib
 via @GuyKawasaki: Stunning arctic time-lapse video http://is.gd/mzLMBr
 The Harder I Work, The Luckier I Get http://bit.ly/ivZH8e
 How Online Advertising Turned Media Into a Race to the Lowest Common Denominator http://bit.ly/jJmN5N
 The Harder I Work, The Luckier I Get http://bit.ly/knXkvn


 Strategy Roundtable For Entrepreneurs: 1M/1M and Incubators – What We Have Learned http://bit.ly/jL0CaN
 http://ping.fm/p/dMQKq – Amazing. I actually found a $20 universal remote that controls every function of my Suddenlink DVR, Sony BluRay and
 Eighth-grade field trip includes lunch at Hooters http://bit.ly/lIMty2
 How Twitter Works as a Q&A App [INFOGRAPHIC] http://bit.ly/lsaEV3
 YouTube Adds Creative Commons Content to Video Editor http://bit.ly/jL0Vv8
 Left Handed Facts and Statistics [infographic] http://bit.ly/mAvvJt
 Serial CEO Judy Estrin On Startups and Innovation http://bit.ly/kmsQ40
 Backing Up Your Google Apps Data http://bit.ly/l0Meaw
 Ford demonstrates how Wi-Fi could save your life http://bit.ly/jAU9B2
 Fearsome lawn ornament shot dead by cops http://bit.ly/lXDqUr
 The Internet in the Future: Growth and Mobility http://bit.ly/mJFqag
 Eighth-grade field trip includes lunch at Hooters http://bit.ly/jschcm
 What Should We Make of Peter Thiel’s “20 Under 20″ Education Program? http://bit.ly/mL5Lhr
 Exclusive CEO First Look: Klout’s +K influence vouching http://bit.ly/j5fKkw
 7 Ways to Build a Business Around WordPress http://bit.ly/kD1BIB
 Google’s +1 Button Challenges Facebook’s Like Across the Web http://bit.ly/lBn34x
 13% of All U.S. Internet Users Are On Twitter, Pew Research Says http://bit.ly/llMrTM
 Exclusive: LinkedIn to Launch Job Application Tool http://bit.ly/iPfVPh
 Top 10 Twitter Trends This Month [CHART] http://bit.ly/lJi6Fl
 Twitter adds one-click ‘Follow’ button to third parties http://bit.ly/m3VUgs


 11 Gadgets to Organize Your Workspace http://bit.ly/ilEO8n
 New Post: Three-player chess game invented http://bit.ly/kRgMYq
 The New Batchbook http://bit.ly/k9g01y
 New Post: 8 billionaires created now at Facebook http://bit.ly/lpXGtG
 Every Bootstrapped, Profitable, & Proud in one place http://bit.ly/iYXsK6
 New Post: Jerry Seinfeld launches site of all his videos performances http://bit.ly/izmW8N
 VIDEO: Portal 2 solved in 2 minutes http://bit.ly/lC1GEd
 YouTube Uploads: 48 Hrs of Video Per Minute http://bit.ly/kHWSwx
 4 Ways Interviews Can Increase Your Blog Traffic http://bit.ly/isIkZa
 You reach a goal but you experience a win. What a difference.
 If your business gets better – your customers will demand it gets bigger. Better before bigger…
 FounderFuel Launches a Montreal-Based Accelerator Program http://bit.ly/lpa6hg


 Off to Daniels birthday party. Kristen’s done the most wonderful job planning it! 2 is a year to remember!
 Turn Yourself into a Life Magazine Cover on Facebook http://bit.ly/krz4OB
 Woman, 100, has bank account dating to 1913 http://bit.ly/kDAJEn
 The Transparent Startup Experiment: A weekly look behind the scenes of “Time Off” http://bit.ly/m3JPgu
 via @Forbes: Can Washington Create 13.7 Million Jobs? http://onforb.es/lKo6WQ
 via @Forbes: Social Media Connects Us to Friends – Not Prospects: http://onforb.es/lamcGY
 via @cnnbrk: Dr. Jack #Kervorkian, assisted suicide advocate, dies in Michigan at age 83. http://on.cnn.com/jh7Q2k
 via @planetmoney: 25 million Americans are unemployed or can’t find full-time work. http://n.pr/ksCJEm
 via @martinsoorjoo: What Motivates An Entrepreneur? http://bit.ly/jD7Is4
 via @angellist: There’s a new way to keep tabs on the startups you follow on AngelList http://bit.ly/m4rQkr
 via @jeffbullas: The Pros and Cons of Migrating Your Facebook Profile into a Business Page http://bit.ly/htrRSq
 How to create a new Facebook photo album without uploading photos http://bit.ly/jQjh7J


 How To Organize A Global Block Party For Gen Y http://bit.ly/js0emD


 100 Awesome Marketing Stats, Charts, & Graphs http://bit.ly/mwOmcq
 The 6 Lessons I Learned From Gary Vaynerchuk http://bit.ly/im1MoB
 6 Easy Ways To Reward Your Twitter Followers http://bit.ly/jmIuXX
 The Top Five Habits of Effective Network Builders http://bit.ly/iI24Cu
 20 Days to Build a Better Business: Day 20 Be Consistent http://bit.ly/ldOEN2
 Grr… Have to get a UPS on my work PC. Just had the power blink and poof… 🙁 reboot and reload!
 Top 25 Social Media Blogs for Businesses http://bit.ly/lFf9BZ
 Small Business Cost Cutting: “Greening” and Frugality http://bit.ly/mppzoC
 Why You Should Send Your Press Releases To Clients And Prospects http://bit.ly/iVVoV5
 25 Million Americans Are Unemployed Or Can’t Find Full-Time Work http://bit.ly/mTfdG1
 100 Awesome Marketing Stats, Charts, & Graphs http://bit.ly/ioch5S
 Instagram Turns Your Likes Into Photo Albums http://bit.ly/jhGnKO
 7 Tips For Proposals, Pitches And Presentations http://bit.ly/l8FzmZ
 6 Free E-Books and Tutorials on HTML5 http://bit.ly/myAvpe
 Man cited after paying bill with 2,500 pennies http://bit.ly/l0ophy
 How To Embed Practically Anything On Your Blog or Website http://bit.ly/jTr941
 A TechCrunch Disrupt Proposal http://bit.ly/muljYe
 Scaling, Scaling, Scaled: textPlus Turns Two, Hits 10 Billion Messages Sent Milestone http://bit.ly/kb9kGO


 Wow. Just got some Cozumel Mexican take out for dinner. Was talking to the manager about kids and he said his mom had 19 children!!
 via @MichaelHyatt: Twitter may be one of the greatest leadership tools ever invented. I explain why in this post.http://mhyatt.us/bYHGp2
 via @Vocus: 10 Digital Marketing Mistakes http://bit.ly/mAlegF
 via @mikebuechele: Thinking about different ways of using Paper.li lately. It’s been gr8 using it to find Tweeters, plus gives great back…
 via @fromABroad: 50 Things Every #Startup Should Know http://kiss.ly/c5ByKG @davidcummings via @hnshah
 via @Poynter: Arianna Huffington has about 1,300 fulltime journalists working for her. (That includes Patch editors.)http://journ.us/igRNPM
 46% of Smaller Newspapers Have Paid Content, Larger Papers Build Apps http://bit.ly/jqB9Rr
 Fred Wilson to devs: expect platform owners to work against you http://bit.ly/mRm4tl
 6 Easy Ways To Reward Your Twitter Followers http://bit.ly/m2V54Y
 Chart: Newspapers’ App Development Plans http://bit.ly/krVKPS
 U.S. funding for future promises lags by trillions - http://usat.ly/jc0HM3 Ouch – We’re in debt to the tune of $534k/household…
 when should you tweet? http://bit.ly/jfjfrc
 Why it might be okay to whistle past the graveyard with Instapaper’s creator http://bit.ly/jS89Xo
 Updated App Store Review Guidelines Now Available http://bit.ly/kgL0hk
 Weiner Bares All, Says He Tweeted Photos and Pursued Six Online Romances http://bit.ly/kmup5Q
 We All Suck at Passwords [Security] http://bit.ly/lhXr8I
 iOS by the Numbers: 200M Devices, 25M iPads & 14B App Downloads http://bit.ly/mr9wN6
 ShareThis Study: Facebook Accounts For 38 Percent Of Sharing Traffic On The Web http://bit.ly/iT21G9
 Everything You Need To Know About Facebook in 18 Charts http://bit.ly/kkEDoT
 Tips for Promoting Your Brand Using Social Media http://bit.ly/lcsM6S


 via @Pitch_Doctor: 7 Great Mobile Marketing Tips For Entrepreneurs http://bit.ly/jTmS8u
 via @NatGeoSociety: This marmot means business. http://on.natgeo.com/kplT2W #photos #contest
 via @Pitch_Doctor: For Under-40 Entrepreneurs, Tech Is Tops http://on.wsj.com/j7E0zk WSJ
 Facebook rolls out facial-recognition tool http://bit.ly/l5xroz
 via @fundingpost: Excited about my 3 upcoming VC and Angel Events in CA!! June 16 in Los Angeles, June 21 in Orange County, and…
 Twitter is All About the Links http://bit.ly/lKvA3t
 via @martinsoorjoo: The 25 Hot New York City Startups You Need To Watch http://read.bi/ln9Lu9
 Blogsy for iPad [App Of The Day] http://bit.ly/iQXiRY
 via @martinsoorjoo: Why 2011 Is a Great Time To Start A New Business http://bit.ly/l6xm0a
 WordPress.com Adds WordPress, Twitter And Facebook Comments (In That Order) http://bit.ly/lahiZB
 via @Scobleizer: Wow, Facebook is getting employees from, well, everyone. http://t.co/CXtTDUr via @techcrunch
 With Full-On Twitter Integration, Path Launches A Second App http://bit.ly/kwCK6s
 Twitter as media: What happens when anyone can publish? http://bit.ly/mbXQCL
 Commenting via Twitter and Facebook Now Enabled for WordPress.com Blogs http://bit.ly/jnTTgJ


 In Apparent Boon To Publishers, Apple Relents On App Sub Price Restriction @ http://bit.ly/lSkeCy via #annDigest
 Global Internet Traffic Expected to Quadruple by 2015 [INFOGRAPHIC] @ http://bit.ly/jscfpQ via #annDigest
 500 Startups Hits the Accelerator Pedal (and Program) Again http://bit.ly/kEQARg
 5 Simple Ways to Step Up Your Presentation Game http://bit.ly/lA6QuS
 9 Well-Designed User Registration Pages To Learn From http://bit.ly/kop21Q
 StateNewslines http://statenewslines.com lets you browse, search and share headline news in any state for free… Enjoy!
 Why would someone buy your business? [infographic] – Holy Kaw! http://bit.ly/jFtJTP
 The Anatomy of an Effective Web Design | infographics http://bit.ly/kbJ5NK
 The Complete Guide to Creating a Consolidated, Master Contact List http://j.mp/lyYEP3 (via Instapaper)
 Want To Learn Everything You Need To Know About Podcasting? RISE Recommends: Podcasting A-Zhttp://bit.ly/mcwyVN
 It sucks to build a startup with the “Google Method” http://bit.ly/lMXKzc
 Twitter now charges $120,000 a day for promoted trends http://bit.ly/l0DiwW
 Mobile Display Advertisers Double in 2 Yrs http://bit.ly/iBSsnM
 LinkedIn Seen as Most Important SocNet http://bit.ly/k5Ykld
 Inbox Influence reveals your connections’ connections http://bit.ly/lYdZM4


 Help Me Interview John Borthwick http://bit.ly/jl1uDY
 Facebook Attracts 75% of U.S. Social Networking Visitors http://bit.ly/jRoAPB
 Study: 29% Lower CPC on Facebook Ads if Campaign Keeps ‘Social Context’ http://bit.ly/jPZ8ZI
 StateNewsWire http://statenewswire.net helps you send out statewide/local news releases. Please RT and share! #pr#prsa #media
 Congress Members Produce 30% Fewer Tweets After Weinergate [INFOGRAPHIC] http://bit.ly/mvHUoW
 Why Everyone Should Blog (For People Who Don’t Blog) http://bit.ly/imsb8g
 Online ad spending poised for 20 percent jump this year http://bit.ly/mAHoVV
 How Agencies Are Spending Online Media Budgets [INFOGRAPHIC] http://bit.ly/j3nYi5
 How Agencies Are Spending Online Media Budgets [INFOGRAPHIC] http://bit.ly/mQ1XUp
 I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: The core process of business social media is writing. How often do you…http://bit.ly/k6J0BQ
 Top 4 Traits Of Successful Business Owners http://bit.ly/ipvOGQ
 The $10 Million Dollar Question http://bit.ly/kLXrlJ
 I’m on vacation, check out these cool tech startups http://bit.ly/iu9AuI
 Skype Premium – Now Even More Valuable http://bit.ly/mKZFgm
 Getting PR for Your Small Business with Dale Beaumont http://bit.ly/mROXkm
 Opening up Posterous to 3rd Party Developers – announcing our new API http://bit.ly/jY7VJX
 3 Billion Passwords Per Second. Are Complex Passwords Enough Anymore? http://bit.ly/mwP1pw
 Six Lessons in App Marketing http://bit.ly/kZGJPJ
 Strategy Roundtable For Entrepreneurs – Silicon Valley: The Next Renaissance http://bit.ly/llBiwy


 StateNewslines http://t.co/owom6xb lets you browse, search and share headline news in any state for free… Enjoy!
 LoL! My dad just asked me about a news article and said “Do you get the paper?” I said with a smile, “Do you know what I do for a living?”


 StateNewsWire http://t.co/45zjzo2 helps you send out statewide/local news releases. Please RT and share! #pr #prsa#media
 Interview: Connecting Tourists to Tour Guides – iGottaGuide.com http://bit.ly/iu8hqY


 Jason Calacanis: “Blogging Is Dead” & Why “Stupid People Shouldn’t Write” http://bit.ly/kBtQAb
 Evernote for iOS Gets Social Sharing and More http://bit.ly/jkHBYW
 Helping publishers get the most from display advertising with Admeld http://bit.ly/k6JiN4
 Facebook traffic plummets in the US http://bit.ly/lEhAD3
 China now the top energy user in the world: in 2010 used more energy than any other country – 20.3% of global energy use.
 Boxee for PC, Mac, Ubuntu Getting Fall Update http://bit.ly/mayYXv
 The new startup ecosystem [Infographic] http://bit.ly/kDPmja
 Infographic: Startup Bubble 2.0? http://bit.ly/ipu98X
 How Online Education Is Changing the Way We Learn [INFOGRAPHIC] http://bit.ly/jwWYfn
 7 Boilerplates, Templates & Resets for a Fresh Start http://bit.ly/jik6QB
 The 9 Most Important Things to Remember If You Want to Sell Your Startup http://bit.ly/inZvvV
 Advertising to Facebook Fans Improves Conversions, Says Study http://bit.ly/jxeCpb
 Addicted to Tumblr much? ; ) fuckyeahndasian: I honestly… http://bit.ly/luTMsV
 When Gmail Plug-ins Compete, Users Win: Rapportive Ups the Ante http://bit.ly/kGF8tH
 What is Twitter to me? It’s an opportunity to deliver short personal messages to business connections and friends to…http://bit.ly/l4bds5
 Facebook Growth Outpacing Other Social Media http://bit.ly/m9QHpA
 Apple – Nuance VoiceOver technology coming to iOS 5, setting pages found in hidden menus http://bit.ly/jY2ZId
 Remember the power of the 100/10/1 Rule of Social Services. 1% will create content, 10% will engage with it, and 100% will consume it.
 $18 Billion in Television Ad Spending in Q1 2011 http://bit.ly/jTll1d
 Big Brands are Choking the Search Results, But They’ll Never Touch Little Old You http://bit.ly/iDaH9q


 Chart: Shifts in Marketing Spending in 2012 Budegt http://bit.ly/lETCDF
 Most Papers May or Will Charge for Online Content http://bit.ly/lqsECV
 Geoff Ramsey & Vipin Mayar Predict Display Growth at 2011 IAB Innovation Days http://bit.ly/ieLQhL
 Mobile media use up 600% as unlimited plans tune out http://bit.ly/iZssbA
 Writing to Attract, Retain and Engage http://bit.ly/ktJyR5
 Facebook v. Google: Clash of the Titans http://bit.ly/j8zZCH
 “Sometimes I have to write the tweet to get the headline.” http://bit.ly/jOaOkt
 How the GOP Debate Exploded on Twitter [STATS] @ http://bit.ly/knnrRq via #annDigest
 Facebook Preparing for $100 Billion IPO in Early 2012 [REPORT] @ http://bit.ly/iHYaNb via #annDigest
 Printing from Tablet PCs Made Easy http://bit.ly/jkbTRC
 The 5 Worst Tips For Entrepreneurs http://bit.ly/iBbJpv
 StateNewsWire http://t.co/45zjzo2 helps you send out statewide/local news releases. Please RT and share! #pr #prsa#media


 6 Tips to Networking as a Young Entrepreneur http://bit.ly/iSpBys
 3 in 5 Americans Own Pets http://bit.ly/mGn3i6
 12 Questions About Your Sales Process http://bit.ly/jpoYcl
 What happens on the web every 60 seconds http://bit.ly/lcjPcP
 Chart: Top 10 Magazine Advertisers, Q1 2011 http://bit.ly/mtkSHK
 StateNewslines http://t.co/oyJGJFf lets you browse, search and share headline news in any state for free… Enjoy!
 Pay Scales: Google vs Microsoft vs Amazon vs Facebook http://bit.ly/j4iAan
 Apple store retail profits margin before taxes is 26.9%. Best Buy’s is 1%.
 2010 Apple store sales rose 70% to $11.7 billion. That’s 15% of Apples’s $76 billion in sales.
 Apple store employees who are six minutes late for work more than three times are fired.
 Employees at Apple stores have no sales quotas and get no commission. Goal is not to sell but help solve customer problems.
 An Apple store’s annual sales per square FOOT is $4,406 (include online and its $5,916) amazing, compare to Best Buy at $880
 Secrets From Apple’s Genius Bar: Full Loyalty, No Negativity http://on.wsj.com/iAQhQR
 In the past three months, more people visited Apple’s retail stores than visited all four of Disney’s largest theme parks in the last year!
 Reinventing the Startup Board Meeting: Part 2 http://bit.ly/iLGdki


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 Report: Q1 2011 Ad Spending at $32.5 Billion http://bit.ly/la4pZe
 Mobile Devices Gaining Bigger Share of Online Activity | Facebook’s EdgeRank http://bit.ly/jGQ1FQ
 Bitly Makes Its Bitly Pro Features Free To All Users http://bit.ly/jYE02W
 10 Stunning iPhone Bird Photos http://bit.ly/jrmLYk
 Facebook working on secret photo sharing app? http://bit.ly/kVxv3x
 Google updates Google Sync for iOS devices http://bit.ly/jep0T3
 What Photo Sharing App Should You Use? http://bit.ly/kbqfer
 Tumblr Now Has More Blogs Than WordPress.com http://bit.ly/lb2WDu
 News firms are popular investments with congressmen http://bit.ly/imBKnQ
 Lessons learned from implementing Highrise’s custom fields feature http://bit.ly/mjSTpv
 Win a Mentorship Lunch with Robert Scoble http://bit.ly/jOOerP
 Tim Bray on ‘Web’ vs. ‘Native’ Apps http://bit.ly/lUuL1y

 Tumblr is the Next Great Social Network http://bit.ly/lQozRU
 LinkedIn, Twitter Most Important Social Accounts http://bit.ly/mnfmgd
 An API to Turn Any Web Content into an Android app http://bit.ly/jSX42l
 How Two Young Entrepreneurs Have Built Two Thriving Companies Together http://bit.ly/lrZJDQ
 Your people need to see your dedication to become dedicated. Your people need to see your enthusiasm to become…http://bit.ly/iMh9FX
 bitly Pro is now… bitly! http://bit.ly/lN3Q0h
 Pew: Social networking use doubles among adults, does not weaken relationships http://bit.ly/inQ3kO
 Big Evernote Desktop Update: Windows and Mac Get Note Links, Note Copying and Much More http://bit.ly/iBjt1s
 Klout Incorporates LinkedIn To Measure Social Media Influence http://bit.ly/l3B59X
 Just heard a CEO say entrepreneurs are like a dog on a bone – they just won’t let it go – relentless pursuit of goals are key to success
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 Report: Q1 2011 Ad Spending at $32.5 Billion http://bit.ly/la4pZe
 Mobile Devices Gaining Bigger Share of Online Activity | Facebook’s EdgeRank http://bit.ly/jGQ1FQ
 Bitly Makes Its Bitly Pro Features Free To All Users http://bit.ly/jYE02W
 10 Stunning iPhone Bird Photos http://bit.ly/jrmLYk
 Facebook working on secret photo sharing app? http://bit.ly/kVxv3x
 Google updates Google Sync for iOS devices http://bit.ly/jep0T3
 What Photo Sharing App Should You Use? http://bit.ly/kbqfer
 Tumblr Now Has More Blogs Than WordPress.com http://bit.ly/lb2WDu
 News firms are popular investments with congressmen http://bit.ly/imBKnQ


 New StateNewslines Sponsorship Video: http://t.co/V9MZllF
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 The Symbiotic Way of Starting Up and How it Will Help Your Business http://bit.ly/jtEfYB
 Strategy Roundtable For Entrepreneurs: Exciting Companies Lined Up For Microsoft Startup Grant Finalshttp://bit.ly/lVQOwy


 StateNewsWire http://t.co/47UEbs2 helps you send out statewide/local news releases. Please RT and share! #pr #prsa#media
 The Future of Video Advertising http://bit.ly/iEJUin


 StateNewslines http://t.co/oyJGJFf lets you browse, search and share headline news in any state for free… Enjoy!
 How to be Taken Seriously as a Young Entrepreneur http://bit.ly/m0w2yq


 Five Steps for Getting More Facebook Fans http://bit.ly/iED62T
 Creating a Compelling Company Vision With Dr. John Demartini http://bit.ly/jpz2dP
 Top 10 Real Estate Websites – May 2011 http://bit.ly/iExMXB
 Turn Your Data Into Infographics: Five Cool Tools http://bit.ly/kYVarC
 Spammers Ruin Everything, chapter 3,876,924: e-books http://bit.ly/iKcOnv
 Facebook coming to the iPad finally? http://bit.ly/kWvdk9
 Three Email Message Types You Can’t Afford to Ignore http://bit.ly/jCZAjQ
 Some Secrets of Successful Presentations http://bit.ly/jzeWc2
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 How to Be Ready for Anything as the Leader of Your Business http://bit.ly/kHVtYR
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 Alan Reynolds: Why 70% Tax Rates Won’t Work http://bit.ly/kNYomB
 Chart: Purchase Funnel Results, Online Ads http://bit.ly/mIIigO
 Chart: Newspaper Ad Revenue, Select Verticals, Q1 2011 http://bit.ly/lQn0L5
 Study: Local Broadcasting Generates $1.17 Trillion in Annual GDP http://bit.ly/kh6Agy
 Tablet Users to Nearly Double by Early Next Year, According to Study http://bit.ly/lWQOnJ
 Why Your .com Should Be a .org, Too http://bit.ly/kJadxc
 Digital Losing Out on Campaign Ad Billions http://bit.ly/jFf3wG
 76% of iPhone users will adopt iCloud http://bit.ly/mo4Gl1
 Gannett lays off 700 newspaper division employees http://bit.ly/keXRh9
 Final Cut Pro X launches, $299 in the Mac App Store http://bit.ly/ja0iId
 EveryBlock names new president; founder Holovaty to focus on product side http://bit.ly/jtMWSM
 Mobile apps leaving the web behind in usage http://bit.ly/kTMvOD
 Average US smartphone data usage climbs 89%, cost per MB drops 46% http://bit.ly/kt212H
 Filloux: Economic value lies in original journalism, not live tweeting or blogging http://bit.ly/iQ6Rtk
 Apple will soon have enough cash to buy almost all their competitors http://bit.ly/kPCo8A
 Who clicks more on local news, New York or Omaha? Surprising data from the FCC on local online newshttp://bit.ly/jLg9CG
 INFOGRAPHIC: Top 200 U.S. Brands Ranked by 2010 Ad Spend http://bit.ly/jzFwF0
 5 Business Lessons I Wish I Knew When I Graduated http://bit.ly/iGiREx
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 How to Successfully Manage a Team Remotely http://bit.ly/iy9kVp
 Photogenic storm day in southern Illinois, June 21 http://bit.ly/imumHP
 Future of media: Community is your new business model http://bit.ly/kVm2By


 ‘Team Fortress 2’ now a free-to-play game http://usat.ly/jOXpJo
 No time to play: Americans working more on weekends http://usat.ly/iuA62N
 How to Succeed When Distributing a Product with Jeremy Liddle of RioLife http://bit.ly/j1dEBr
 Rowling Casts E-Book Spell http://on.wsj.com/kt5gYm #WSJ #iPhone
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 Study: iPad tallies 89 percent of tablet traffic http://bit.ly/j4clJI
 Report: Facebook has 750 million members http://bit.ly/is0HGr
 CEO of Walmart Makes in 1 Hour What the Average Employee Makes In a Year http://bit.ly/mNJaQE
 Chart: Top 10 Internet Advertisers, Q1 2011 http://bit.ly/iMHDWG
 100 Leading National Advertisers http://bit.ly/l9ZmAd
 The 25 Best Advertising Movies Ever Made http://bit.ly/jLHzC9
 Redner Group Loses Biggest Client Over Tweet http://bit.ly/kQXLlA
 Back from vacation all safe and sound – my first with two little ones!
 Chart: U.S. Daily Newspaper Paid Circulation, 1940-2009 http://bit.ly/j9AfwV
 StateNewslines http://t.co/oyJGJFf lets you browse, search and share headline news in any state for free… Enjoy!


 Why Customer Interaction Is Valuable to Long Term Relationships http://bit.ly/lFXRQM
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 Coffee Explained [Useful Infographic] | Fooducate http://bit.ly/l0YRNM
 BreakingNews to Curate Local News Tweets http://bit.ly/j5Jej3
 2 in 3 Users Say Twitter Influences Purchases http://bit.ly/mwlpQh
 Top 10 Health & Medical Information Websites – May 2011 http://bit.ly/lkIQRU
 Top 10 Investment/Finance Websites – May 2011 http://bit.ly/jB3CWv
 E-reader Ownership Doubles in Six Months http://bit.ly/kxL4Gz
 The 7 Primary Differences Between Search and Display http://bit.ly/lTxcKw
 1 in 3 Parents of Teens Snoop on Facebook http://bit.ly/kliL4E
 Take 10: Six Ways to Take Advantage of the Photo Strip on Your Facebook Page http://bit.ly/k98jbf
 Fortune 50 to Consumers: Please Don’t Call Us, Thanks http://bit.ly/jLcBWM
 43% of Users Ages 55+ Have ‘Liked’ a Brand on Facebook http://bit.ly/iVicSC
 The Wait is Over: True Blood Premieres Tonight With Episode Stickers http://bit.ly/mfWQiz
 Box.net Integrates with Google Docs http://bit.ly/jRnpy5
 Social Networking Accounts for 16% of Time Spent Online for US Web Users http://bit.ly/kWmIrD
 If You Didn’t Blog It, It Didn’t Happen. Social networks are good for sharing links to ideas, not parking ideas.http://bit.ly/meqaPW
 50% of Americans Online Ages 18-44 Play Social Games Daily http://bit.ly/mC2qIi
 Does LulzSec have your name? Now you can check–if you dare. [Updated] http://bit.ly/irl4mo
 Back from vacation. 600,000 things now on my todo list 🙂
 Love my Plantronics Voyager Pro + Bluetooth headset. Had it a month – clear – loud – long lasting battery and can listen to my podcasts!
 Your Entrepreneur Checklist http://bit.ly/my58uh


 92% of US Consumers Aware of Twitter, Only 8% Use It http://bit.ly/iUaluR
 Chart: Cost of a 30-Second Television Ad Spot, Q1 2011 http://bit.ly/joAUCW
 Record Level Political Ad Spend for 2012 | End in Sight for NFL Lockout? http://bit.ly/iuJLQx
 Chart: U.S. Radio Audience, 1998-2009 http://bit.ly/iJjCJv
 The World’s Best Commercials, 2010-11 http://bit.ly/iB5A9t
 Twitter’s Guide for Newsrooms http://bit.ly/iWbUpf
 E-reader Ownership Doubles in Six Months http://bit.ly/mm5Lhk
 Report: Facebook has 750 million members http://bit.ly/jhJtBt
 Pew: Social networking use doubles among adults, does not weaken relationships http://bit.ly/jOVvzj
 Top 10 Print Media Websites – May 2011 http://bit.ly/juOUR1
 5 Struggles & Lessons Learned While Starting A Business http://bit.ly/iFvSmt
 Andy Carvin Tweets the World: Building Networks and the Future of Journalism http://bit.ly/ipJISE
 500,000 Android Devices Are Activated Every Day http://bit.ly/md1fGn
 Remarks to PRSA Leadership Group http://bit.ly/myLYBF
 Consumers Now Spending More Time on Mobile Apps Than the Web [STUDY] http://bit.ly/mvyCJu
 Daily Number: 30% – Google Drives News http://bit.ly/krztVw
 47 Ways to Buy and Place Online Display Ads http://bit.ly/iRRkOF
 Twitter now charges $120,000 a day for promoted trends http://bit.ly/lT7BCq
 Your Web Metrics: Super Lame or Super Awesome? http://bit.ly/iYw4Kp
 StateNewsWire http://t.co/47UEbs2 helps you send out statewide/local news releases. Please RT and share! #pr #prsa#media


 On @Quora: How do you find out who the top 25 performing residential real estate agen… Answer: http://qr.ae/78Dst
 There Aren’t Many Venture Backed IPOs http://bit.ly/mcsuJ7
 “Smell Like a Man” Agency Partners With Nike, Target & Coke on Tech Incubator http://bit.ly/kKBIhd
 There Aren’t Many Exits Over $100mm http://bit.ly/js5Un2
 Subconscious Information Processing http://bit.ly/lNbWJ4
 The Post Frequency Rule http://bit.ly/k6XRNm
 Report: Paid Search, Display and Facebook Online Spending Up for Q2 http://bit.ly/iTagrZ
 World of Warcraft Now Free To Play Up Until Level 20 http://bit.ly/kwqFhQ
 Overworked America: 12 Charts that Will Make Your Blood Boil http://bit.ly/iTgb9k
 Greenbrier owner buys Beckley country club http://bit.ly/lqJiWA
 Chesapeake Energy fights bad PR by buying Promoted Tweets on Twitter http://bit.ly/jvJhGT
 Anyone have a Google+ invite to share? 🙂 paul@statenewslines.com – thanks!
 Why I’m raising my son to be a nerd http://bit.ly/k5IQg1
 Standing Out in a Sea of Startups http://bit.ly/jzTvRo
 Team Fortress 2 free ‘forever’ http://bit.ly/ip28Yt
 $107,000 Worth of Cocaine Found Hidden Inside Shoe Soles [Drugs] http://bit.ly/iev93L
 9 Steps to Consider When Valuing Your Startup http://bit.ly/jWozZd
 Top of the List: N.C. Venture Capital and Private Equity Firms http://bit.ly/j9FYxJ
 Will Google Ventures Disrupt Venture Capital? http://bit.ly/j3eSEK
 Findings from the Web Design Survey, 2010 http://bit.ly/l8mRmO


 via @markburdette: Your Entrepreneur Checklist http://bit.ly/jMqIpg
 via @markburdette: 7 Key Personality Traits Of Top Salespeople http://bit.ly/mG08U6
 via @markburdette: The More Fans You Have On Facebook, The Less Likely Content Is Reaching Your Audiencehttp://bit.ly/mdfViH
 via @Pitch_Doctor: “If you are not ashamed of your product when you launch it, you launched too late” Reid Hoffman – LInkedin…
 via @Pitch_Doctor: BOOTSTRAP, PITCH & STAND OUT http://bit.ly/kkxUnT Our FREE online Video Coaching has Rave Reviews. Don’t Miss it
 via @WVUMC: layers of storytelling…check it out on the Quad, the blog of @wvumc #wvumc #umc http://ow.ly/5tvgJ
 Tumblr for iPhone updated with new look http://bit.ly/ixQlv2
 At 81 Minutes per Day, Mobile App Use Tops Web Browsing http://bit.ly/jCBt0M
 In the land of Tweets, do Blogs and Articles Still Matter? http://bit.ly/myb5Pj
 Some Apps Do Sell: Developer Makes $750K in 3 Weeks on Android Market http://bit.ly/m6WXYc
 Eight Companies With the Potential to Disrupt the Media http://bit.ly/lgkaYq
 1 Billion Uniques: Google’s Traffic Record By the Numbers http://bit.ly/mi8n8d
 Nearly Half of U.S. Teens Smoke, Drink Alcohol, or Use Drugs http://bit.ly/iDXJEb
 Online Spin: The Future of Advertising: The Second-Oldest Profession In The World http://bit.ly/lL6Qmp
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 Being President Interferes With Obama’s Fundraising http://bit.ly/iHZFH2


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