Experienced Technology Entrepreneur
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Experienced Technology Entrepreneur
Chief Encouragement Officer

Experienced Technology Entrepreneur
Chief Encouragement Officer

Monthly Tweetcap: 2011-07 July Twitter Posts by @paulhelmick

Posted by Paul Helmick

I’m a Technology CEO and Experienced Entrepreneur. I love helping people use technology to grow their business. 

Following up my prior post, “Saving Historical Tweets on my Blog” – here is a full recap of July 2011tweets. Monthly summaries of tweets from prior months are available by clicking on the ‘TweetCap’ category on the blog.

My twitter presence @paulhelmick is quite active.  I usually share 10-20 high-quality, timely posts per day with links to articles, resources and comments on entrepreneurship, technology, media and social media, advertising/sales/marketing and public relations.


 West Virginia’s Zip Line “Boom” Part Of National Trend In Activity Growth http://bit.ly/jA0IwC
 Meet the Top 15 Photographers on Instagram [PICS] http://bit.ly/k5yUBU
 Starbucks app update perks up coffee customers http://bit.ly/lZAxZy
 Flipboard’s Big Summer Update Goes Live, Personalization Coming “Soon” http://bit.ly/iJhy0u
 8 Free Ways to Grow Your Site’s Traffic, and 3 That Cost Money http://bit.ly/iJgYdn
 Sorry Google And Facebook, The Kids Want To Intern At Startups (Todd Stone/The Business Insider)http://bit.ly/jL2fGi
 Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter Hit New Audience Highs http://bit.ly/juw0rg
 It’s not just thinking – it’s capturing your thoughts and turning them into reality. What have you been thinking about?http://bit.ly/iicHgA
 Happy 2nd Birthday to the Under30CEO Blog http://bit.ly/m0SkIT
 Sell $20,000 Worth of Your Next Ebook http://bit.ly/iRFNs2
 7 Resistance Crushing Questions Every Business Must Answer http://bit.ly/l141rC
 A Blog, a Book and a Business: One Author’s Journey http://bit.ly/mPfY7q
 VC Panel at the Digital Media Conference http://bit.ly/iXLP9T
 A year after its big redesign, how Google News is thinking about the best ways to present news stories (Megan…http://bit.ly/kU7Nnd
 How I Increased Traffic by 90,000 Hits per Month in 25 Days http://bit.ly/jzK5iT
 3 Simple Ways to Empower Your Customers to Sell For You http://bit.ly/mrY2hi
 Twitter tallies 200 million tweets per day http://bit.ly/kTfVYz
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 Strategy Roundtable For Entrepreneurs: Continued International Participation http://bit.ly/ils31n


 Fixing What Facebook Is Missing http://bit.ly/lKQLcP
 5 Ways I’m Using LinkedIn – to Drive Traffic, Build Community, Generate Sales and Build Influencehttp://bit.ly/l36bNh
 via @NatGeo: Photo of the Day: Grizzly Bear and Cub http://on.natgeo.com/mbjsYh #pod #photography
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 On a more uplifting note, it’s time to go to our friends 1 year old baby, drug-free, birthday party 🙂
 Most of the marijuana, meth, heroin and cocaine in the US >70% were produced or came through Mexico. Drugs seem to be paid for in blood.
 Over 70 journalists reporting on the drug cartels in Mexico have been murdered since 2007. Sadly it’s now a nation held hostage.
 Mostly fueled by Americas drug hunger. Most workers in Mexico earn less than $10 a day, but a drug triggerman earns hundreds per week.
 Violence in Mexico now surpasses that in Afghanistan or Pakistan. The cartels go as far to post videos of prolonged tortures and murders.
 Mexican drug cartels paid an estimated $2.75 billion in bribes to police/ politicians last year. 95% of violent crimes go unsolved in Mexico
 Sadly, America is their #1 customer, consuming $65 billion/yr of illegal drugs, most of which are produced or trafficked through Mexico.
 Chilling these drug cartel killings in Mexico. The six major cartels make $30 billion/yr and have killed over 40,000 people in last 5 years
 well said re our nations debt http://amzn.com/k/3MZU9QTIPUCRL #Kindle
 well said re our mations debt http://amzn.com/k/3SYAAQ1OPLJVU #Kindle
 4 Reasons Every Small Business Needs to Outsource http://bit.ly/kI027Q
 great point for bloggers and tweeters http://amzn.com/k/2WCSB665C768B #Kindle


 This is a really great article in Fortune about the guys who started and lead the Android team at Googlehttp://ow.ly/1uiCqw
 My heart was so moved by the praise and worship songs just now at church. Truly feeling so blessed with our family and God’s love and grace.
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 Every aspiring author should watch this interview with @sethgodin and @michaelhyatt http://vimeo.com/25785948
 Fortune Magazine : Amazing business comparisons. “Bytes beat Bricks” http://ow.ly/1ukfNr
 The Declaration of Independence (Must Read for July 4!) http://bit.ly/lLym1g
 Happy 235th birthday America!
 Happy 4th of July! Our nation’s independence day. Thank you to all who have served / are serving for securing our many blessed freedoms!
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 HootSuite Hits 2 Million Users [INFOGRAPHIC] http://bit.ly/j2hUj4
 10 Secret Reasons Why We Attend Events http://bit.ly/mzaaoc
 FOLLOW FRIDAY: 12 Social Media Blogs You Can’t Live Without http://bit.ly/lixSU6
 Why newspapers can’t stop the presses http://bit.ly/mLkban
 StateNewslines http://t.co/oyJGJFf lets you browse, search and share headline news in any state for free… Enjoy!
 The Startup Marriage http://bit.ly/iRGYNS
 Take a Weekend Idea. Build A Business http://bit.ly/jLjVv4
 Twitter Begins Allowing Direct Messages With Verified Accounts Sans Following Back http://bit.ly/lES6Bb
 State Chamber of Commerce announces Summit speakers http://bit.ly/m2kVCZ
 W.Va. fiscal year ends in with $320 million surplus http://bit.ly/lm2pEm
 GoDaddy Sold for $2.25 Billion [UPDATED] http://bit.ly/kcgYkE
 A Guide to Validating HTML for Email http://bit.ly/jDP5It
 Edelman’s 7 rules of public engagement http://bit.ly/lQiwK0
 Report: Media deals up 15% in first half of year http://bit.ly/mgRw4l


 GroupM: Digital’s 2011 Ad Spend Share Larger than Predicted http://bit.ly/ostVFP
 A sign that Patch’s hyperlocal model isn’t working as planned? http://bit.ly/pzcwMO
 In Two Years of Economic Recovery, Women Lost Jobs, Men Found Them http://bit.ly/pIA65H
 Romney raises $18.25M; Gingrich in debt http://bit.ly/ouhNZY
 Online Ad Spending Set to Hit $50B in 2015 [REPORT] http://bit.ly/q8nvcl
 Facebook Adds Video Chat With Skype, Deepens Microsoft Ties http://bit.ly/rgdITz
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 Jackson Kelly Receives National Recognition http://bit.ly/pVPyvP
 Apple could see $13 billion in iTunes sales in 2013, says analyst http://bit.ly/oL1WBa
 Add a MailChimp “Newsletter” button to your Tumblr Blog http://bit.ly/nqgTeK
 West Virginia j-school helps small papers go mobile http://bit.ly/oj1xdi
 West Virginia j-school helps small papers go mobile http://bit.ly/oUXwK3
 Get the Kindle Edition of List Building for Bloggers http://bit.ly/qam1y2
 30 Ways To Power Your World With Words http://bit.ly/nXp4As
 The 2GB/month data plans for $25 or so work great for 98% of folks. The smaller 200MB plans are really only for the lightest data users.
 Seeing questions about smartphone data caps. Here’s an insight. A year ago the avg monthly data use was 230MB/month. Today it 435MB/month


 Camera+: An Apps to Riches Story http://bit.ly/of1wOb
 The Way I Work: Alison Pincus of One Kings Lane http://bit.ly/qB70EL
 5 Lessons on Starting Up http://bit.ly/q11ga0
 A Virtual Phone System for Entrepreneurs http://bit.ly/oj9Frj
 The Coolest Young Entrepreneurs http://bit.ly/qShbOR
 Insanely Simple Tablet Publishing http://bit.ly/nAw8qk
 6 Essential Skills Every Entrepreneur Should Have http://bit.ly/pClzHN
 How Twitter Became My Secret Weapon http://bit.ly/nXWkuW
 Inc.’s 2011 Compensation Guide http://bit.ly/o733rw
 Meet This Year’s Top Young Entrepreneurs http://bit.ly/qnN80g
 Richard Branson on Thinking Big http://bit.ly/pW1dN2


 5 Marketing Lessons that Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Nikki Minaj http://bit.ly/nT0ik4
 People don’t Converse: they Comment. Big Difference http://bit.ly/pwcSVe
 People don’t Converse: they Comment. Big Difference http://bit.ly/ozhwtb
 State-by-state obesity rates http://bit.ly/r1B51u
 #FollowFriday @cfowise@power30under30 @josephmorin @melcoach @chaimhaas @ideafs @evernote_ron Great folks to follow! (via @ffhelper)
 15 Useful Web Apps for Designers http://bit.ly/nWdz4Y
 The History Of English In 10 Minutes http://bit.ly/qejnLQ
 via @mashbusiness: Delve into these Twitter marketing lessons from American Airlines, McDonald’s, IBM & 4 other companies -…
 via @mashbusiness: WATCH: Social media comes alive in real life in two recent viral ads - http://on.mash.to/q5mFAW
 Infographic: 24 hours of crime in major US cities http://bit.ly/mU0jbu
 Online Media Daily: ‘Free’ Apps Drive More Revenue Than Paid http://bit.ly/oaAmi8
 How to Aggregate Your Facebook and LinkedIn Contacts http://bit.ly/rivLoo
 Why I Love Onboarding http://bit.ly/pL9EeS
 Why Google+ is better for business http://bit.ly/qNYbkS
 Stat of the Day: How Millennials Affect Boomer Spending http://bit.ly/pY2LAL
 Blogging Takes Super Human Effort vs Blogging is Easy [Misconceptions New Bloggers Have #1] http://bit.ly/oiBpnn
 App Store hits 15 billion downloads, $2.5 billion paid by Apple to developers (Tim Stevens/Engadget)http://bit.ly/qGpR76
 Capture — The Quick Video Camera app now available http://bit.ly/ntV0U9
 E-Reader Growth Outpaces Tablets http://bit.ly/p0siLZ
 W.Va. has third highest obesity rate in US http://bit.ly/r5aHAo


 ¶ Twitter, Not Facebook, Should Fear the Google+ Beard http://bit.ly/nomvHP
 Anyone cool to share a google+ invite with me? > paulhelmick@gmail.com or paul@statenewslines.com Thanks!
 How Are People Really Using LinkedIn? [INFOGRAPHIC] http://bit.ly/r8S1c0
 Survey: 49% of editors make news decisions based at least partially on web analytics reports http://bit.ly/ozjbd8
 Evening news anchors have thousands of Twitter followers, but they don’t tweet http://bit.ly/qT4cXd
 China’s Hunger for Corn Turns Market on Ear http://on.wsj.com/neBXQ6 Buys more in one month from US what we projected for whole year!
 Grr… 30 minute wifi time limit at Panera goes by too quick… So wish 3G was built into my MacBook like it is on the iPad
 Digital to Attract 17 Percent of Global Ad Spend in 2011 http://bit.ly/n0Pa7K
 iPad 2 shipping times drop to just 3-5 business days http://bit.ly/riUtya
 How to Create a Compelling Work Culture with Janine Allis of Boost Juice http://bit.ly/oNAmxH
 This Week In Startups http://bit.ly/oJoFC0
 Pivot: Your Questions Answered, Part 3 http://bit.ly/p7nnt0
 Jim Coudal at Chicago Creative Mornings http://bit.ly/nmFoko
 The Once and Future News http://bit.ly/ncRv2z
 As Power Shifts to Consumers, Get Ready for a Renaissance in Advertising http://bit.ly/pDXWR8
 The Once and Future News http://bit.ly/nfKWkR
 Just had the biggest smile ever from baby Lily. Didn’t get a picture but it will live in my heart and mind forever!
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 via @networkingfrnd: Why LinkedIn Deserves to be The Number 1 Social Network http://bit.ly/qKRoUh
 via @2cre8: Social Media Strategy in One Slide: - http://grab.bz/pD7HkW – @cspenn RT @marccusters #socialmedia#sms
 via @jeffbullas: How To Increase Your Blogs Email Subscribers by 1,833% http://bit.ly/9C3cCB
 via @2cre8: 21 Ways to Create Compelling Content When U Don’t Have a Clue: http://bit.ly/qUBVYC RT @TheTop10Blog@PublicityGuru…
 How Are People Really Using LinkedIn? http://bit.ly/nF5BBS


 via @jeffbullas: How Effective Are #Facebook Ads? http://ow.ly/42UAv #SMM #SocialMedia #DigitalMarketing
 via @TweetSmarter: Linking Facebook and Twitter Effectively http://bit.ly/orxdzK
 via @jeffbullas: 10 Key Elements Of One Of The Top Facebook Marketing Campaigns Of The Year http://ow.ly/47BxX
 via @2cre8: How to Write a Great Blog Post in Just 15 Minutes http://dld.bz/Czvr RT @ruhanirabin #blogging
 via @lizstrauss: StumbleUpon sends more traffic to US websites than Facebook — Tech News and Analysishttp://is.gd/B2im99 @gigaom
 via @jeffbullas: How Email Marketing Can Boost Your Social Media Presence http://bit.ly/cJKprR
 via @jeffbullas: 10 Steps To Promote #Brand “You” With #SocialMedia http://ow.ly/47oqa #Facebook #SMM#Twitter
 via @networkingfrnd: Why LinkedIn Deserves to be The Number 1 Social Network http://bit.ly/qKRoUh
 via @2cre8: Social Media Strategy in One Slide: - http://grab.bz/pD7HkW – @cspenn RT @marccusters #socialmedia#sms
 via @jeffbullas: How To Increase Your Blogs Email Subscribers by 1,833% http://bit.ly/9C3cCB
 via @2cre8: 21 Ways to Create Compelling Content When U Don’t Have a Clue: http://bit.ly/qUBVYC RT @TheTop10Blog @PublicityGuru…
 How Are People Really Using LinkedIn? http://bit.ly/nF5BBS

 The Google+ Project: The Only Social Platform That Was Born This Way http://bit.ly/nwniMk

 An Interesting Blog Business Model http://bit.ly/o1DLo6
 Google Ventures doubling start-up investments http://bit.ly/nvyxU2
 Envious of the A-Lister’s that have been able to play with Google+ for the past week or so – feel like I have to learn it all in one night!
 Advice for Google+ beginners – start off learning the web interface – much more control than mobile.
 One Million Registered Twitter Apps http://bit.ly/qXYuBI
 Poking around in Google+… my first day – great post by @scobelizer on getting started at http://bit.ly/quwuW4
 Yet another eReader launches, this time for Google http://bit.ly/qzsKME
 The Google+ Project: The Only Social Platform That Was Born This Way http://bit.ly/oi9L1G
 How In-person Meetings and Phone Conversations Will Save Your Client-Agency Relationship http://bit.ly/qQsJv8
 The Google+ Project: The Only Social Platform That Was Born This Way http://bit.ly/p9oIm6
 Introducing The 31 Best New Tech Founders In NYC http://bit.ly/r56IfY
 Foursquare Now 10 Million Strong: Has Your Business Checked-in? http://bit.ly/pXqhX7
 The Value of Calculating Revenue Per Email http://bit.ly/qhtQSB
 Financing Options: Convertible Debt http://bit.ly/qDrizk
 Why I’m Doubling Down on the Twitter Ecosystem http://bit.ly/pqRiYZ
 Sometimes I really get it wrong; my apology to SEO industry http://bit.ly/qjjnxK
 People on the Move in the Social Business Industry: July 10, 2011 http://bit.ly/nGwbKS
 The Future of companies & the modern workforce http://bit.ly/qgunyR
 Shirky: News has to be subsidized, cheap, and free http://bit.ly/oo6zlD


 Starbucks, other marketers go huge with healthier offerings http://usat.ly/nbQbpT via USA TODAY this looks pretty good
 Netflix overhauls subscription plans; splits DVD, streaming options http://usat.ly/qZw27m via USA TODAY
 via @johnrmatthews: Intrapreneurs are Nothing Like Entrepreneurs – Stop Fooling Yourself http://t.co/QLFZEkh
 Report: First-Half Magazine Ad Spending Grows 4% http://bit.ly/qRMuhe
 Drop the Costs With Drop Shipping http://bit.ly/nNYr8f
 StateNewslines http://t.co/oyJGJFf lets you browse, search and share headline news in any state for free… Enjoy!
 Every 60 Seconds These 21 Things Happen On the Internet http://bit.ly/qxik6o
 Want a Google+ Business Page? You Better Already Have a “Real Rich History of Being Active in the Social Sphere”http://bit.ly/oCIi18
 How Twitter’s App Ecosystem Exploded 6X in the Last Year http://bit.ly/oaadWD
 Chesapeake Energy to Start V.C. Fund http://bit.ly/o8NIYs
 Add a Facebook Stream to Google Plus http://bit.ly/oYHgmM
 iOS Owners Buying 61% More Apps This Year, Paying Higher Prices http://bit.ly/qjWO58
 More U.S. Adults Own a Smartphone Than Have a Degree http://bit.ly/qs0zKb
 I predict that Google+ will go from 0 to 100,000,000 users faster than any other service in history. (Bill…http://bit.ly/roBKGB
 Twitter co-founder Ev Williams on Blogger & blogging’s future (Om Malik/GigaOM) http://bit.ly/qkhmVH
 Google confirms Google Apps users will gain Google+ access (Hunter Skipworth/Pocket-lint) http://bit.ly/mS6dXy
 Twitter Curation Grows Up: Storify Becomes Blog & SEO Friendly http://bit.ly/r8wyIK
 Freemium Beats Premium in Revenue Earned, Says Flurry http://bit.ly/pG8Bkh
 11 Historic Serial Entrepreneurs http://bit.ly/n6lPCb
 Gloves Off: Facebook vs. Google http://bit.ly/o4ImVS


 WordPress Plugin Test: Embedly > YouTube http://bit.ly/rhItQy
 Home with my little sweetheart! http://bit.ly/pNrDUO
 Saving Historical Tweets on my Blog http://bit.ly/pLq85V
 Connect with me on Google Plus at http://gplus.to/paulhelmick
 The “Fred Wilson School Of Blogging” http://bit.ly/qrOW0z
 Current Fascination With Google+ http://bit.ly/nJK9Zw
 Articulating your preferred use case (what’s it for?) http://bit.ly/r9KDPK
 Financial Literacy http://bit.ly/nyDYm5
 Turning the Camera on Chris Dixon http://bit.ly/qULOEI
 Facebook has 750 million active users, 250 million of them access it via mobile phones and are twice as active than non-mobile users
 Evernote gets $50 million in funding, with FAQ http://bit.ly/qJuthI
 Perception is Reality. What is Yours? http://bit.ly/nooAID
 When is the last time you used a phone book? http://bit.ly/mUqIAz
 The 12 Best, Most Summery Summer Shows to Get Hooked On Right Away http://bit.ly/qiIp9H
 Really committed to getting to “Inbox Zero” by this weekend – and keeping it that way… Once things scroll to the second screen – sigh…
 AT&T’s first LTE devices poised for summer debut http://bit.ly/ocnTog
 Who’s really on Google+ so far? — Statistics http://bit.ly/pdqzi3
 Gmail’s Friend Suggest Algorithm http://bit.ly/p1Pzc5
 The Skype Team’s Top 12 Tricks and Tips for 5.2 Mac Users http://bit.ly/r9fARe
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 WordPress Plugin Test: Embedly > Jing Screencast http://bit.ly/qBgY2t
 7 Reasons Why the Golden Age of Public Relations Is within Reach http://bit.ly/oHCEAv
 I’ve been Broganized http://bit.ly/pkAe1n
 3 Myths of the Startup Bubble: Chris Shipley on How to Survive the Inevitable Crash http://bit.ly/q3oKvY

 Google unveils new photo-sharing social network http://bit.ly/omcg9f
 Report: Amazon readying a tablet PC http://bit.ly/q8QSTy
 Visually Launches To Automate The Making Of Infographics http://bit.ly/qlaodp
 More than Half of 18-29-Yr-Olds Own Smartphones http://bit.ly/r1pvvO
 Where Have America’s Jobs Gone? Who’s Hiring? Not Who You’d Expect http://bit.ly/p8Rl0k
 Americans are Watching Porn at Work http://bit.ly/rsCOVv
 15 Photos Athletes Wish They Could Have Back http://bit.ly/oiVl9N
 Selling – Your Company’s Biggest Sale Ever http://bit.ly/q1cWee
 10% of Pets Have a Facebook Page [Factoid] http://bit.ly/ncXeDY
 Google hastens Google+ corporate account launch http://bit.ly/rdw9EI
 Got the Spirit But No Capital? Think about These Trendy Start-Up http://bit.ly/qo7ZUM
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 This Quarter in Venture Capital: Dealflow and Funding At Highest Level in 9 Quarters http://bit.ly/qArvje
 Ape With AK-47‏ – YouTube via Posterous http://bit.ly/pvN5WF
 Top 10 Magazines by Ad Revenue http://bit.ly/oIXZHu
 Video: Never give a Monkey a Machine Gun: Ape With AK-47‏ http://bit.ly/ruhCRb
 Report: 30% of Consumers Say 4G Data Plan is Too Expensive http://bit.ly/q5pSU8


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 Working the streets :-) http://bit.ly/peciAV
 Working the streets :-) http://post.ly/2Tk0F
 Create your own nifty infographics with Visual.ly http://bit.ly/n3no8H
 Twitter Delivers You 4x More Traffic Than You Think. Here’s Why … http://bit.ly/ri8hsZ
 8 productivity-boosting gadgets for media junkies http://bit.ly/pc8ima
 How Evernote Works for Moms, Business, and Everything in Between, by Carley Knobloch, Digitwirl Founderhttp://bit.ly/nm42My
 It’s going to be a great November http://bit.ly/pQo2aK
 How to Get Spotify Free Without an Invite [Spotify] http://bit.ly/qmIbEW
 It’s going to be a great November http://post.ly/2Tceq
 Like it or not, aggregation is part of the future of media http://bit.ly/n9tfe3
 What Sheryl Sandberg shows us about the future of work http://bit.ly/ossq7h
 Targeting eReaders http://bit.ly/q4qN8r
 Targeting eReaders http://bit.ly/oSRdLy
 Enterprise IT sees phones, Facebook and tablets! Oh my! http://bit.ly/ocfFxu
 Spotify for iPhone hits the US App Store http://bit.ly/mVoVOi
 Like it or not, aggregation is part of the future of media http://bit.ly/pXNP3w
 Connect up with me on Google+ at http://gplus.to/paulhelmick
 Why Quora Matters http://bit.ly/pHQSbm
 iPad with more than 100,000 apps http://bit.ly/qHP6Ah
 Quick Stat: 79.3 Million People Listen to Internet Radio Weekly http://bit.ly/pA2Z1B


 Share Google+ Content Directly Into Evernote http://bit.ly/oQ0LX4
 Rapportive, Possibly the Web’s Best Lightweight CRM Tool, Gets Even Better http://bit.ly/n6Eolo
 Google Plus Users Top 10 Million; 1 Billion Items Shared Each Day http://bit.ly/pg9ymO
 2 New HTML5 Frameworks for Building Mobile Apps http://bit.ly/qU34lX
 Twitter Saw 600K Signups Yesterday, It Took More Than 16 Months To Reach Its First 600K http://bit.ly/pArSLc
 Report: Facebook working on news-reading tools http://bit.ly/pYSfca
 Downtown Charleston Statue http://bit.ly/n6b7sr
 Downtown Charleston Statue http://bit.ly/qYpIVi
 Downtown Charleston Statue http://post.ly/2U7b7


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 Get Ready for a 70% Marginal Tax Rate http://on.wsj.com/qKMDUZ
 Top 5 Sales Presentation Tips http://bit.ly/r2Q5gL
 8 Crucial Elements of Startup Success http://bit.ly/q3JfxZ
 Google+ has made Twitter boring, here’s what Twitter should do about that http://bit.ly/qns6ox
 Reaching 200 Million Accounts: Twitter’s Explosive Growth [INFOGRAPHIC] http://bit.ly/ntrExd
 Why College Is the Best Time to Start a Business http://bit.ly/r4STxs
 7 Habits of Highly Effective Apps http://bit.ly/qJDLhD
 5 Ways Journalists Are Using Google+ http://bit.ly/mPovkH
 19 Essential Google+ Resources http://bit.ly/oFCe3z
 Reaching 200 Million Accounts: Twitter’s Explosive Growth [INFOGRAPHIC] http://bit.ly/n9m5QA
 Explicit Groups vs Implicit Groups http://bit.ly/pluzSM
 Google+: The Complete Guide http://bit.ly/p3XweA
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 via @bakadesuyo: How will you die? http://t.co/RvwVE14
 via @NatGeo: Photo of the Day: Gecko and Palm Frond http://on.natgeo.com/qz7ro0 #pod #photography


 Test WP Email Post http://bit.ly/nYKriw
 Great video interview #twist for entrepreneurs with @jason and @avc http://ping.fm/gwStG
 “Social media is every single human being posting their thoughts and experiences in any number of ways to the Internet” via @avc
 Young Entrepreneurs Visit White House to Support Buy Young Movement http://bit.ly/pbMc4x
 What Are The 20 Most Expensive Keyword Categories In Google AdWords? http://bit.ly/oaDgGm
 Apple To Launch Mac OS X Lion & New MacBook Air Wednesday [REPORT] http://bit.ly/pvk3Cv
 48% of smartphone buyers want iPhone next, survey says http://bit.ly/mRz5eu
 This Infographic Shows Where There’s Hope For Print Newspapers http://bit.ly/qfuWPE
 Obama and DNC Spent Over $1 Million on 2012 Web Ads http://bit.ly/qgaVw7
 How Journalists Are Using Facebook to Share the News http://bit.ly/npYIa4
 TED + MailChimp: An Integration Worth Spreading http://bit.ly/n5LXRb
 Check out the new MATRICMatters Blog – *http://matricmatters.com/ World-Class Life Changing Innovation – headquartered in WV!
 Chart: Internet Advertising Expenditure, by Type, 2009-2013 http://bit.ly/onywei
 Report: Social Media Grows 25%, Now 16% of All Online Time http://bit.ly/qJ5kUF
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 Apple Q3 2011 results: 20.34 million iPhones, 9.25 million iPads, 7.54 million iPods, $7.31 billion in profithttp://bit.ly/mVpQVw
 Scribd introduces Float, new iPhone app for reading online content http://bit.ly/qvSVuG
 Auto Advertising Screeches to Halt http://bit.ly/qdoVlu
 Google launches iPhone app for Google+ http://bit.ly/pmqcGc
 Mobile Local Search Booms http://bit.ly/rtvwN8
 485 million Internet users in China http://bit.ly/nNKSl3
 Stay caught up with podcasts with iCatcher! for iPhone and iPad http://bit.ly/qQMa9G
 5 Ways to Get Faster Email Responses http://bit.ly/qhIiD0
 Apple’s Q3 earnings exceed estimates: $28.57 billion revenue, $7.31 billion profit, 20 million iPhones soldhttp://bit.ly/rtARL7
 10 Tips for Building Fans via Facebook Advertising http://bit.ly/pxEoMg
 Apple’s Q3 earnings exceed estimates: $28.57 billion revenue, $7.31 billion profit, 20 million iPhones soldhttp://bit.ly/oeqpzH
 Gannett reports 22% drop in 2Q net income http://bit.ly/mWmkw9
 The worst passwords ever http://bit.ly/rmG4AN
 WVU Foundation Receives Record Setting Donations http://bit.ly/pdDCJg
 Time introduces ‘All Access’ plan, adds paywall http://bit.ly/qgjFqI
 Woof vs. Meow http://bit.ly/nuQgOS
 Apple Made Silly Gobs of Money Selling Over 20 Million iPhones and 9 Million iPads [Apple] http://bit.ly/qKjS8o
 8 New School Ways to Build Your List Using This 50-Year-Old Technology http://bit.ly/mRXY1w


 How To Manage The Culture Of Your Growing Company http://bit.ly/okVCbM
 Space Shuttle Atlantis Lands for the Last Time [VIDEO] http://bit.ly/o6RZaf
 Online Americans Viewed Over 5 Billion Video Ads in June http://bit.ly/nSHlAH
 CNN Claims 10 Million Mobile App Downloads Across All Devices http://bit.ly/rsXVfx
 Is Google Plus Causing Facebook & Twitter Usage to Decline? http://bit.ly/qIlCtO
 Create Albums From Instagram, Twitter & Facebook Photos With Pictarine http://bit.ly/qlQxBx
 Contact Management Tools For Google Apps: Rainmaker and WriteThat.Name http://bit.ly/ppJ9NA
 How to Promote Your Blog to the Media http://bit.ly/qT7t0f
 NEWS: Advertising is back to peak levels. http://bit.ly/od36Kl
 The Top 10 Online Scams [Infographic] http://bit.ly/q3CIeg
 This is pretty cool.. Word Bible Designs | Jim LePage http://bit.ly/qM2Fsd
 Journalism’s Primary Duty Is To Its Readers, Not Advertisers http://bit.ly/pHt6IU
 via @NatGeo: Photo of the Day: Zebras, Tanzania http://on.natgeo.com/rdYCbl #pod #photography
 via @LightStalking: Nature Photography: 40 Gorgeous Kingfishers http://su.pr/2hHXCP
 via @davemcclure: RT @VatorTV: Fundraising for 20 startups @AngelPad http://t.co/yGI2b2C by @thomask cc @500startups @ycombinator @techstars
 via @om: Google to kill Labs, and screw up inboxes everywhere http://t.co/A8G6LTa
 via @ChrisPirillo: Here are four ways to share photos using the Google+ app for iPhone: http://bit.ly/nQdW68#iphone #google
 via @Bill_Gross: “Tools that take ideas & turn them into Apps is going to be a $25B business.” George Colony, CEO #Forrester #FortuneTech
 via @pkedrosky: This WriteThat.Name thing looks like a great service. Too bad it won’t let me sign up.http://bit.ly/poLePO
 via @mashable: Why Valuations Are Getting Too High for Seed Stage Investors [OPINION] –http://on.mash.to/piZwKn


 Personal: All quiet (for a few minutes!) http://bit.ly/q82FJK
 Personal: Adventures at Town Center http://bit.ly/nSwx0A
 Jordan Belfort, The Wolf Of Wall Street on Building a Multi-Million Dollar Company http://bit.ly/nAXzlx
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 NEWS: Is this your iPhone password? You might want to change it! http://bit.ly/ofHMv6


 Personal: Big day at the zoo ( PetsMart) http://bit.ly/ogcNZC
 10 States With The Highest Unemployment Rates: BLS http://bit.ly/pUzfvS
 Twitter Marketing Lessons from the Fortune 50 http://bit.ly/qhQDsL
 How to Overcome Those Doubtful Looks—Your Advantages and How to Use Them http://bit.ly/nyarRG
 Evernote prepares for phase 2: become a productivity platform http://bit.ly/pGJEuf
 Top 10 Broadcast Media Websites – June 2011 http://bit.ly/pmyb9J
 5 Features Facebook Has That Google+ Lacks http://bit.ly/ot4MzA
 As ‘Daily Show’ turns 15 years old, Jon Stewart’s best media criticism moments http://bit.ly/qV7ZSD
 The Creative Entrepreneur’s Guide To Thinking Like A Publisher http://bit.ly/oesG8M
 NEWS: The Top 10 Marketing Sites for Social Media Marketing Trends by Brian Solis http://bit.ly/pmX9Ur
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 Content Marketing & Google+ for the non-obsessed but needs-to-know executive http://bit.ly/rnO3Bl
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 The Top 10 Marketing Sites for Social Media Marketing Trends http://bit.ly/niif3g


 Purging iPhone apps off my phone that I don’t use…
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 Personal: Too many toys! http://bit.ly/qjyWLI
 Personal: Taco Bellin’ Joy or Pain? :-) http://bit.ly/pRryJL
 The Power of LinkedIn Everywhere: Apply with LinkedIn http://bit.ly/pRQKPC
 NEWS: Great Upgrade to the Kindle iPhone/iPad App today – Nite Owls Rejoice! http://bit.ly/qikfiQ
 Falling Down and Getting Back Up http://bit.ly/ph1OQO
 Time for the 2011 Greenbrier Classic! http://flpbd.it/RN9Q


 HOW I WORK: Three Screens is a Charm! http://bit.ly/qxCLne
 Personal: Three Screens is a Charm! http://bit.ly/o4hhau
 The Startup’s Toolkit http://bit.ly/rpDgQ9
 The 20 Hot Silicon Valley Startups You Need To Watch http://bit.ly/qDMUts
 New Xbox 360 Wireless Headset with Bluetooth, Remote with Live TV button coming this Novemberhttp://bit.ly/nqrF94
 20 Unconventional Entrepreneurs That Will Inspire You http://bit.ly/qPEjSz
 How to Create a YouTube Account for Business http://bit.ly/piBuH9
 Startup Q&A Site Sprouter to Shut Its Doors http://bit.ly/qMVJDU
 One Book Every Entrepreneur and VC Should Own http://bit.ly/pTLAxz
 Google Books app back on the store, sans subscription link http://bit.ly/q9PknZ
 Panera Bread Opens at Charleston Town Center Mall http://bit.ly/nSBGea
 The 400 Richest Americans Pay Only 18% Tax Rate http://bit.ly/rkrXWw
 Public relations pros honor West Virginia man http://bit.ly/oQPcf7
 YouTube responsible for 22% of all mobile bandwidth http://bit.ly/ptFHF9
 Three Words: Unlimited. Free. Raindrops. http://bit.ly/o7dpGv
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 The Lessons I’ve Learned From Starting a Company http://bit.ly/p2wkti
 Men’s book discussion today 12-1 at 205 Capitol Street, 2nd floor, lunch provided. Man in the Mirror
 via @ONTracknetwork: The 2011 Digital Media Summit will be October 19th, 2011 at the Marriot Marquis, NY NY. Start: Wednesday, October……
 via @martinsoorjoo: Startup Founders Need to Constantly and Instantly Jump from Vision to Detail (and back again)http://bit.ly/oCXcIY


 Personal: One Day on Earth Video http://bit.ly/ospL93
 Top 25 U.S. Online Properties, June 2011 http://bit.ly/pw1uSl
 Simple Formula to Propel Your Business http://bit.ly/nyJ7Sh
 150 W.Va. post offices eyed for closure http://bit.ly/nQW23L
 Amazing video, 3 min. Encourage you to see it. Video from all over the world on the same day. http://ping.fm/MENTF
 71% of Online Adults Now Use Video-Sharing Sites http://bit.ly/qA8Q0p
 Google+ Tips & Tricks: 10 Hints for New Users http://bit.ly/ogPx1z
 Daily Number: 27% – Children Living Apart from Fathers http://bit.ly/naVycX

 via @martinsoorjoo: The Complete Entrepreneurs Guide to Google+ http://bit.ly/qmUHL7

 via @MichaelHyatt: This is a a GREAT list of all the best books on writing from my friend, @SheliaMullican:http://mhyatt.us/oAJFG9
 Transitioning 100% of my photo capture/web hosting into Google Picasa. Local sync/organize and then sync to public web albums.
 via @MailChimp: MailChimp Blog | Facebook for Marketers http://t.co/tZiektv
 via @helpareporter: Make sure you catch the HARO tomorrow morning – Big news coming. 🙂 You’ll like it.
 via @Vocus: 5 Ways Salespeople Can Use #SocialMedia to Grow Leads http://bit.ly/nGiIf3 via @toprank @leeodden#marketing


 Obama Loses 36,000+ Twitter Followers in #Compromise Campaign [STATS] http://bit.ly/pqLi32
 Ad spending down, but digital is ascending, execs say http://bit.ly/oFvZpI
 via @MichaelHyatt: New post: “The Unproductive Writer’s Guide to Success,” guest blog by @twohourblogger |http://mhyatt.us/q1MqMW
 via @MichaelHyatt: Should you focus on content or frequency? Today’s guest post may surprise you | http://mhyatt.us/q1MqMWTwitter Twitter
 via @chaimhaas: MT @Gizmodo Meet the Dozen Tech Publicists Who Secretly Control the Media http://bit.ly/oPsK2U // I’m relieved not to be…
 http://ping.fm/p/7WfFG – Installing the Lion!
 via @RickM: It has probably never been easier to start a business than it is today.
 via @ftmedianews: Media groups eye reporters’ Twitter fans: Tensions are being created in traditional newsrooms as broadcasters……
 Personal: Lily is just so cute! http://bit.ly/pUEUVq
 via @EdDeCosta: To convince people that you’re reliable, simply be reliable. #catalyst
 via @PublicityHound: Planning an event? 4 ways to promote it online, from Alessandra Ceresa. http://ow.ly/5QLB7
 How to save your os lion install image http://amzn.com/k/29D766BHBDACP #Kindle #iPad
 Very true http://amzn.com/k/3B3N6XHVME65N #Kindle #iPad
 via @Vocus: The Steven Spielberg Method: How to Write More Blog Posts In Less Time http://bit.ly/piFfyp #blogging
 Ars Technica’s OS X Lion review made $15,000+ in 24 hours on the Kindle http://zite.to/qbPOv7 via @zite
 iPhone snags two-thirds of mobile industry profits http://zite.to/qEjvd6 via @zite
 To Spread Your Brand On Facebook, Don’t Target Your Fans–Target Their Friends http://zite.to/r6okCb via @zite
 Responding to Leads Within an Hour Generates 7x the Conversations http://zite.to/ouIToT via @zite
 7 Ways to Write Super Catchy Headlines http://zite.to/rqDqKr via @zite
 The ‘Teach for America’ for Entrepreneurs? http://zite.to/prfYZC via @zite


 Personal: Sneaky Snake http://bit.ly/peP3O9
 StateNewslines http://t.co/oyJGJFf lets you browse, search and share headline news in any state for free… Enjoy!


 WVU Foundation Receives Record Setting Donations http://bit.ly/rssux7
 Remote Board Attendance Via Skype http://bit.ly/oM3g1A
 Top 12 Overused Stock Photos [Slide Show] http://bit.ly/nRszSW
 A History of the Most Enduring, and Least Successful, Ad Slogans [Pics] http://bit.ly/npwNin
 Study: 1 Billion Smartphones Will Be Sold by 2016 http://bit.ly/rhItjW
 What it Means to be an Entrepreneur Within a Company with Jack Delosa http://bit.ly/puFpLJ
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