Experienced Technology Entrepreneur
Chief Encouragement Officer

Experienced Technology Entrepreneur
Chief Encouragement Officer

Experienced Technology Entrepreneur
Chief Encouragement Officer

Monthly Tweetcap: 2011-08 August Twitter Posts by @paulhelmick

Posted by Paul Helmick

I’m a Technology CEO and Experienced Entrepreneur. I love helping people use technology to grow their business. 


Here is a recap of all the links shared and tweets for August 2011


 via @MichaelHyatt: Seth Godin: Should you work for free in exchange for “exposure”? It depends | http://mhyatt.us/oPPaCN
 via @MichaelHyatt: Looks like Congress has reached a deal on the debt. In reality, they’ve just kicked the can down the road. Disappointing.
 via @neilglassman: How Social Media Brought Me to NYC & Kept Me Connected to Home – by @GothamSayshttp://mbist.ro/qdGWcV cc: @TeamAffect
 via @Definition6: Advertisers are likely to increase #socialmedia ad spending. But where?[Stats] /via @eMarketer /cc @BrianSolis…
 via @timoreilly: Yes indeed! RT @jamesoreilly Interesting infographic. RT @TheEconomist Where federal taxes are raised and spent:…
 via @craignewmark: (I’m an old man.) I scored 41/100 on the Pew Research Center How Millennial Are You? Quizhttp://t.co/ZLXTlfr
 Eureka! National Science Foundation’s I-Corps Trains a New Generation of Scientists in Business http://bit.ly/nlUl43
 Migrating from Joomla 1.5 to Joomla 1.6+ – Joomla! Documentation http://ht.ly/5SqoX
 Can Failure Become a Means of Success? http://bit.ly/pPa6cZ
 StateNewslines http://t.co/oyJGJFf lets you browse, search and share headline news in any state for free… Enjoy!


 So which is easier for government? To spend less or tax us more? I think they get a dollar it’s mighty hard to ever get it back…
 This 17-Year-Old Taught Himself To Code In 7 Days, Then He Got Into TechStars http://bit.ly/ouiPv0
 StateNewsWire http://t.co/47UEbs2 helps you send out statewide/local news releases. Please RT and share! #pr #prsa#media
 5 Things You Need to Know About “Death by PowerPoint” http://bit.ly/q0b7ye
 Nuance Introduces PaperPort Anywhere http://bit.ly/qUTdPe
 iCloud extra storage prices revealed http://bit.ly/mRVAsH
 Who Used Google Plus First? Male Geeks From the US [Infographic] http://bit.ly/qBfewa
 5 Simple Tips for Better Business Websites http://bit.ly/p94Ymr
 This BASE Jumper Miraculously Survived His Parachute Failing [Video] http://bit.ly/qxVBfR
 Men’s Bible/Book discussion group lunch today 12-1pm 205 Capitol Street, 2nd Floor, lunch provided. Join in!
 Going to have some brother sister pictures made this morning at Portrait Innovations.
 Survey: 87% of Brands Plan to Run Twitter Ads http://bit.ly/rtw8E5
 SWOT: Five Ways Google+ Can Become Mainstream http://bit.ly/oMOGuf
 Chrome Overtakes Firefox To Become UK’s Second Most-Popular Browser http://bit.ly/nihHCY
 5 Essential LinkedIn Apps for Sales Teams http://bit.ly/qEycM3
 The Sole Purpose of a Startup Accelerator Should Be Making Money http://bit.ly/rsRglI
 Square handling $4 million daily in mobile payments http://bit.ly/pvY9zg
 Wealth Gaps and Perception Gaps: A Paradox of the Great Recession http://bit.ly/nKVbtH
 West Virginia Ranked in Top 10 for Party Schools http://bit.ly/o9utLf
 If your news site isn’t social, great design won’t matter http://bit.ly/pHWMdv


 Infographic Breaks Down the $33 Billion Mobile Gaming Market … http://bit.ly/mRwWcP
 Facebook Advertising Gets Serious With its “Marketing Suite” http://bit.ly/pzBiZD
 Successful iPad apps clear away clutter, focus on reading http://bit.ly/pRiJ5K
 Slideshow: Top 10 States for Venture Capital http://bit.ly/ruume3
 Daily Number: 52% – Use Facebook Daily http://bit.ly/ph5lM9
 Patch ranks No. 5 in “The 100 Most Important Online Publishers” http://bit.ly/p9weC4
 Move over Skype, calling from Gmail now supports 38 languages and cheaper calls http://bit.ly/pmcFSU
 Why journalists make the best PR pros http://bit.ly/rt64Ou
 A Guide to Validating HTML for Email http://bit.ly/pk6SNS
 Time Inc. bringing all 21 US magazines to iPad http://bit.ly/ql3mc2
 The Current State of Mobile Email Compatibility http://bit.ly/nvsms2
 AOL launches Editions into the personal-newspaper iPad app fray http://bit.ly/r5zKco
 How to Create Emails with a 47.8% Open Rate and a 28.3% Click Rate http://bit.ly/nYWKfc
 Skype Now Optimized for your iPad http://bit.ly/nLMh8R
 Transforming Your Hobby Into A Career http://bit.ly/oFEJgj
 TechStars Show On Bloomberg TV http://bit.ly/o19aYq
 Did You Know: How to Create a Checklist in Evernote http://bit.ly/o9v1Lu
 What the NYC startup world needs (and doesn’t need) http://bit.ly/qoqePQ
 Stat of the Day: 37% of Newspaper Subscribers Are Habitual http://bit.ly/qYpoU8
 How to Tell if Someone Is Following You on Twitter http://bit.ly/riGAaB


 So instead of overspending by $9 trillion we are only going to overspend by $8 trillion… ?
 Skype 2.1 for Android enables video on majority of Android devices http://bit.ly/r0S7vx
 Quick Stat: Android Users to Increase by 42% This Year http://bit.ly/rpZqKY
 6 Effective Ways to Become Persistent http://bit.ly/rrcG57
 Why Hackers Write Computer Viruses [Video] http://bit.ly/n7fENQ
 Google+ offers data, opens avenues for advertisers http://bit.ly/onolJX
 Personal: Pretty in Pink or Mary Kay Cab? http://bit.ly/n17nLd
 Six Ways to Get Feedback On Your Posts and Pages (And Why You Need To) http://bit.ly/ooAmaJ
 Personal: BWW for lunch! How hot do I go? http://bit.ly/qJdu91
 The Top 5 Tools To Help Real Estate Agents Dominate The Market http://bit.ly/qBttcC
 Personal: Getting ready for a bug hunt! Wish us luck! http://bit.ly/oyjIjv
 The newsonomics of ARPU http://bit.ly/ok5hJN
 great interview @scobelizer of @GLMPSit founders at http://t.co/BHJ3xK9 Connect with @embedly so your glmps can show up easy in all blogs
 A Lesson From Sales Pros: How One-to-One Marketing Can Pay Off Big Time When Your Budget is Zerohttp://bit.ly/nXH2Z7
 Three screens - http://glmps.com/g/A11DDD16-3425-4456-A9EC-63C6438E4424 via @GLMPSit
 Mr. Lizard. - http://glmps.com/g/gAxUp8Mf via @GLMPSit
 Stat of the Day: 25% of Toddlers Have Used a Smartphone http://bit.ly/pX65Mq
 Check Out the New LinkedIn Profiles http://bit.ly/qFuE8k
 Stay Sane While Managing Your Business http://bit.ly/pH4Gv0


 via @RomanStauffer: #FF | Bill Maloney – @MaloneyforWV – A conservative businessman running to be the next Governor of W.Va. #wvgov…
 You’re a Young Entrepreneur: Exceed Expectations http://bit.ly/nTvTmj
 Pastebin Now Home To 8 Million Active Pastes http://bit.ly/nvOOmh
 The Changing Face of Corporate Facebook Landing Pages http://bit.ly/nzCvLP
 5 Free Tools for Recording Google+ Hangouts http://bit.ly/ofjAC7
 How To Get Rich http://bit.ly/o465nM
 ‘Call of Duty: Black Ops’ sales hit 25 million http://usat.ly/mXMIbo via USA TODAY
 On Deck Raises $19 Million To Connect Main Street Businesses With Capital http://bit.ly/nCmblY
 Dow average plummets 513, worst drop since 2008 http://bit.ly/ncoC5U
 Media stocks drop more than the market as a whole http://bit.ly/p7joNc
 Wikipedia losing contributors, to streamline editing http://bit.ly/pCeR0H
 via @MailChimp: Major Email Provider Trends Update: Gmail Pretty Much Caught Up http://t.co/QepGvtR
 Study: Will You Abandon Facebook in Favor of Google+? http://bit.ly/qYfK2p
 via @MichaelHyatt: Did You Know: “How to Create a Checklist in @Evernote” | http://mhyatt.us/qLS9h6
 The app dilemma: Is it a feature, or a business? http://bit.ly/p2F9ld
 4ENTREPRENEURS: Before Spending Cuts… After Spending Cuts http://bit.ly/o6G6OP
 via @InterviewAngel: “The most important thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother.” ~David O. McKay
 via @Vocus: 29 Tips to Make Your Video Marketing Easy http://bit.ly/p9tdZa via @smexaminer #video #marketing
 via @digitalmediabiz: Gmail Unveils Preview Pane: Browse Your Emails While You Reply to Them http://bit.ly/nFoABK
 via @MichaelHyatt: New Post: “How to Get Your Kindle Highlights into @Evernote.” This is so cool |http://mhyatt.us/qIJJVp


 Heartbroken over the loss our troops, their families and friends, and our nation took today. Prayers and more prayers.
 31 Americans Killed Including 25 SEALs in Helicopter Crash in Afghanistan http://flne.ws/26944905 on Fluent News
 The 10 Most Successful Businesses Of All Time – Noobpreneur.com (blog) http://bit.ly/oXnqon
 5 Reasons An Angel Investor Will Walk From Your Deal http://bit.ly/nvsDtI
 via @venturecapital3: Slideshow: Top 10 States for Venture Capital: If it weren’t for venture capital, companies such as ApplebizWatch……
 via @angellist: Done: You can now message anyone who follows you.
 via @Borthwick: How The Economist’s conversational tweets drive clicks, while Al Jazeera’s automation drives retweetshttp://bit.ly/pvOrc7
 via @davewiner: China, a Big Creditor, Says U.S. Has Only Itself to Blame. http://r2.ly/cn47
 via @tweetmeme: 20 years ago today, the World Wide Web was born – TNW Insider http://bit.ly/pTxVyJ (via @TNWinsider)
 via @PublicityHound: A simple tips to get more retweets. http://ow.ly/5WDxe
 via @markzohar: Five Lessons from a Year of Tablet UX Research on UX Magazine (@uxmag) http://t.co/UfDNu91 via @trendspottr
 Sharing My Kindle Highlights http://bit.ly/nWbYal
 via @2cre8: The 12 habits of highly connective people (via @conversationage) http://ow.ly/1vlHf rt @justinlevy@AskAaronLee
 The Overworked American http://bit.ly/qz2PNs
 StateNewsWire http://t.co/47UEbs2 helps you send out statewide/local news releases. Please RT and share! #pr #prsa#media


 via @FortuneMagazine: Your career, summed up in six words - http://j.mp/q1iZL8
 Amazing! RT @FortuneMagazine: Your career, summed up in six words - http://j.mp/q1iZL8
 via @kevinokeefe: Ease vs Effectiveness: How Social Media Strategies Stack Up http://zite.to/o5fLFN via @soshable
 http://ping.fm/p/CA3JS – Love the Dr. Suess iPad book apps! Daniel (2yrs) LOVES them! Brilliant how you can touch/hear the words/pictures!
 Wow. Made it until 230pm today without coffee. Crushing headache. Time for the first double shot!
 Mark Pracy on How Business Fundamentals Have Helped Him Succeed http://bit.ly/onFB2p
 StateNewslines http://t.co/oyJGJFf lets you browse, search and share headline news in any state for free… Enjoy!
 IRS: 235,000 millionaires http://bit.ly/pwzRSh


 15 Indirect Affiliate Marketing Tricks that Work http://bit.ly/pzSQRp
 27 Unforgettable Billboard Advertisements http://bit.ly/ojCWQk
 Delete Large Email Attachments from your Gmail Inbox to Free Up Space http://bit.ly/p2mHJc
 via @HarryBeckwith: Take the fear out. All prospects fees risk-averse, and the risks always look more vivid to them than the rewards.
 via @alanmeckler: We already have 62 great speakers for SocializeWest:MonetizingSocialMedia in SF in Oct. www.mediabistro.com/events….
 via @tobyd: I’m donating my 35th birthday to @charitywater Please share the gift of water by supporting my campaign:http://bit.ly/rj2NGT
 via @dmscott: 30 Branding Definitions http://bit.ly/q3vNNN Includes my alternative take. Curated by @heidicohen
 Making Your Own Simple Rules http://bit.ly/pBbFwe
 Finding the Education of an Entrepreneur http://bit.ly/qHOZaV
 22 Inspiring Examples of Contact Forms and Pages http://bit.ly/rbYJYZ
 How I Use BuySellAds to Monitor Blog Traffic and Goals http://bit.ly/qf2jGl
 Top 10 Print Media Websites – July 2011 http://bit.ly/qGGUaP
 Facebook: Brands Should Target Friends of Fans http://bit.ly/qQdKIl
 Why 500 Channels Means 19 Shows About Pawnshops | MediaWorks – Advertising Age http://ht.ly/5XCHH
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 Boxee’s iPad App is (Almost) Like Flipboard and Instapaper For Web Video http://bit.ly/nlmYcx
 Evernote for Windows Update: Audio Recording, Toolbar Customization and More http://bit.ly/qxRRXT
 Digg launches Newswire, but will anyone care? http://bit.ly/pMg3oJ
 THE DVD IS DEAD: Here’s How To Carry Around Your Entire Movie Collection In Your Pocket http://bit.ly/qQssqZ
 Apple Briefly Becomes the World’s Most Valuable Company http://bit.ly/r0Eptk
 There’s An App for That, PointAbout Edition http://bit.ly/qSrmSc
 Apple Briefly Becomes the World’s Most Valuable Company http://bit.ly/r1fUUL
 Affluents Adopting Technology Infused Lifestyles http://bit.ly/pYJFef
 A Quick and Comprehensive Type Guide http://bit.ly/oLKtmN
 West Virginia Jury Awards $91.5 Million in Nursing Home Death http://bit.ly/nlB26c
 bitly Acquires Twitterfeed http://bit.ly/pfgAS4
 Want free coffee and got an iPhone? Use Jonathan’s Card http://bit.ly/ol5rsK
 How These Magazines Increased Circulation While the Industry Declined http://bit.ly/qpxtMW
 Thank You ScreencastCamp Supporters… http://bit.ly/nUMzX4
 Personal: Check out the Digital Bookmobile in Charleston today! http://bit.ly/ohTnoW
 Personal: The Lizard Brain http://bit.ly/qfAcDZ
 via @InterviewAngel: “My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person – he believed in me.” ~Jim Valvano
 via @InterviewAngel: 10 Ways to Say “Thank You” on Twitter http://t.co/CVNFz8O
 You’re Young, Your Company is Young—Should You Hire Young? http://bit.ly/qnstoQ
 via @jasonfried: VCs recommend their top summer books to the Wall Street Journal. REWORK’s on the list:http://t.co/BuiRzN5


 Personal: Daniel’s Big Bug Hunt and Stomp http://bit.ly/py3zr6

 Personal: Incredible metal art @taylorbooks http://bit.ly/pQQdNw
 The iPad trumps oil: Apple is most valuable U.S. company http://usat.ly/oj8ntn
 http://ping.fm/p/NWe8d – Two Quad Shot Longs 🙂 is that an OctoShot? This would certainly get me through the afternoon. Only one is for me
 Boxee For iPad http://bit.ly/mRmmVZ
 Take 5 Minutes to Make WordPress 10 Times More Secure http://bit.ly/p2vuA7
 via @Frank_Strong: Twitter Currency? Pay with Tweets: http://bit.ly/n8TL7X @EverythingPR
 via @Frank_Strong: Marketing videos that converts sales http://post.ly/2oHIM
 via @Frank_Strong: RT @prweb: 20 Things Every PR Pro Should Know How to Do http://bit.ly/fEkEeJ via @sueyoungmedia #PR
 via @ereleases: 7 Deadly Sins of ePublishing http://ow.ly/5XkpX
 Remember to Always do Your Due Diligence in Business http://bit.ly/odsg4R
 Love this quote by Larry Page @google : “Always work hard on something uncomfortably exciting.”
 TWEETCAP: Monthly Tweetcap: 2011-07 July Twitter Posts by @paulhelmick http://bit.ly/r2NVB4
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 4 hours of sleep, 2 hours at a time… Rough. I did stay up till 1 though and got caught up on some work. Fair trade?
 The 5 Must-read Books for Bloggers in 2011 http://bit.ly/omCSn3
 via @datavis: Infographic: The Overworked American http://datavis.ch/nhky5r
 via @datavis: Infographic: The STEM Dilemma http://datavis.ch/py7yg7


 Hands on with Kindle Cloud Reader for iPad http://bit.ly/qnA3bz
 BankSimple Announces Funding & Partnerships to Launch Real-Time Banking Platform http://bit.ly/pECYyd
 Nelle Chilton Given Spirit of the Valley Award http://bit.ly/mRFuEP
 Hands on with Kindle Cloud Reader for iPad http://bit.ly/pTR6Bj
 5 Tips for Converting Trial Users Into Paying Customers http://bit.ly/nKMrpV
 Amazon Subverts Apple With iPad-Optimized Kindle Reader http://bit.ly/nlQrJu
 Amazon Subverts Apple With iPad-Optimized Kindle Reader http://bit.ly/otdoIz
 News360 2.0 Personalizes News Aggregation http://bit.ly/oBnzNS
 Here is the new Kindle Cloud Reader http://ht.ly/60BxC – works in any web browser on any platform…
 8 in 10 Web Users Watch Online Video Weekly or More http://bit.ly/r2QnES
 Top 14 Infographics for Internet Marketers http://bit.ly/qBmFbd
 StateNewslines http://t.co/oyJGJFf lets you browse, search and share headline news in any state for free… Enjoy!
 Personal: Beautiful evening tonight. Sun shining in our backyard. http://bit.ly/nEE8Xh
 Personal: Daniel’s Big Bug Hunt and Stomp http://bit.ly/py3zr6


 Homemade Bomb Explodes at Charleston School of Beauty Culture http://t.co/aEVfc7m
 West Virginia Media Becomes Frontier Communications Customer http://t.co/ESCShQd
 Personal: Exciting day. Bomb Squad on Capitol St. beside our office. http://t.co/wuq8TaR
 2 minutes to go… Is everyone ready for the weekend?
 Strategy Roundtable For Entrepreneurs: Menlo Park and The Silicon Valley Renaissance http://t.co/mEP3R6d
 Why a Business Plan is More Important than You Think http://bit.ly/oCqaqd
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 Personal: Daniel (jealous) sits in the baby chair http://t.co/XSPVTba
 Personal: Lily is starting to sit up (and smile) http://t.co/hspUKRB
 NEWS: Blackberry’s Tablet is Toast… No Carriers will Carry It… http://t.co/PguULEe
 StateNewslines http://t.co/oyJGJFf lets you browse, search and share headline news in any state for free… Enjoy!


 Ad spending growth is tempered by reeling economy http://t.co/RYV4rN9
 Introducing: Prezi Templates http://t.co/k5LJUIU
 via @DawnRMiller: Food for thought as I plan our office expansion RT Why a Stand-Up Desk Might Save Your Life [PICS]http://t.co/6HvAKi2...
 StateNewsWire http://t.co/47UEbs2 helps you send out statewide/local news releases. Please RT and share! #pr #prsa#media
 finished The Heart and the Fist by Eric Greitens http://t.co/ITN8eEM #Kindle
 finished SEAL Team Six: Memoirs of an Elite Navy SEAL Sniper by Stephen Templin and Howard E. Wasdinhttp://t.co/AOIelKS #Kindle
 finished Cyber War by Richard A. Clarke et al. http://t.co/Yyw1RG9 #Kindle
 finished What Wives Wish their Husbands Knew About Women by James C. Dobson http://t.co/ickgyH1 #Kindle
 finished If You Want to Write by Brenda Ueland http://t.co/eh95Y7F #Kindle
 Singing “Your grace is enough for me!”
 via @MichaelHyatt: Caught up on email. After 3 days on the road, I had over 500 messages! Here’s how I caught up |http://t.co/ibyymbP


 New Twitter Analytics Tool Helps You Decide Whom To Follow http://t.co/2yep2ZH
 Newspaper ad covering front page ‘shocks’ staff, but it’s ‘a real snoozer’ to readers http://t.co/BlLosIh
 Why Evernote Bet the Company on Mobile & Social Media http://t.co/5qWvNhS
 Journalists Get Ideas on Social Networks; Company Sites and PR for Support http://t.co/szM4k0m
 WV Native, Air Force One Pilot Dies http://t.co/75MUFVi
 Add a Google Plus +1 button to your content right now http://t.co/4PWiE9z
 The newsonomics of the next recession http://t.co/XMOe6VT
 Please Tell Me Why I Should Like, Follow, +1 You? http://t.co/zqEUi4h
 What Startups Can Learn About PR and Crisis Management http://t.co/3sowVW3
 Author Highlighting Is a Google Must for Bloggers http://t.co/Img3H3Z
 On Porous Paywalls http://t.co/Ncm3Ggr
 58 Business Card Examples You Sure Don’t Want to Miss! http://t.co/M5cMqCS
 The Top Misused Words in PR http://t.co/EqLPWs0
 Why All Local News Aggregators Seem Destined to Fail http://t.co/MU3XVlX
 AOL’s Miguel Ferrer:”Patch Latino is readying for a Fall Launch” http://t.co/AicJT29
 Instapaper usage stats show high iOS 4, iPad adoption http://t.co/UVxwavF
 New iPhone on October 7, no new iPad until spring 2012 http://t.co/jcn90NG
 Elements 2.0 – Dropbox And Markdown Powered Text Editor for iPhone and iPad now available http://t.co/kLexWEF


 via @MichaelHyatt: If you are an author, do you have a blog? “Why Every Author Needs a Powerful Online Presence.”http://t.co/Bldz67Z
 via @MichaelHyatt: Great series: “Writing a Book – Marketing And Promotion” | http://t.co/FNjZqSd (via @ChrisBrogan)
 via @JohnCMaxwell: A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work. -Colin Powell
 500,000 users in 10 weeks; What worked for Fab.com http://t.co/RBJxIrh
 via @jessicamalnik: 20 of the web’s best kept ‘content gold mine’ secrets http://t.co/5gMPE0M (via @adamvincenzini) //–> Great resources!
 Three things clients and customers want http://t.co/Ho2Od3D
 Is Your Idea a Good One? http://t.co/ynzlNz7
 Crowdbooster Nudges You When New Twitter Followers Have Klout [INVITES] http://t.co/AA8a8s5
 Why You Need to Take 50 Coffee Meetings http://t.co/319jD8K
 Newsflash: PR is Not Easy, Cheap or Quick http://t.co/572MDjT
 Noon today: Men’s Bible Book Discussion Group – 205 Capitol Street, 2nd Floor, “Man in the Mirror” Enjoy some great discussions each week
 What is the one skill, the single most important skill, that will help you rise to the top of your profession?
 StateNewslines http://t.co/oyJGJFf lets you browse, search and share headline news in any state for free… Enjoy!
 Support an Entrepreneur: Buy Local Technology http://t.co/cZxxAFz


 Perfect RSS Reader for iPad now available http://t.co/RA5unLZ
 LinkedIn launches HTML5 site, revamps apps http://t.co/B1JvF8v
 Twitter Photo Uploads Now Available to App Makers http://t.co/ErvwNlK
 Is Business Email Dead? http://t.co/XqvxAjA
 500startups DEMODAY live blogged www.launch.is today http://t.co/np2PiV2
 Skillshare raises $3.1M to make every person a teacher http://t.co/BbMvPTV
 85% of Online Americans View Digital Ads http://t.co/6l062G8
 ‘Newswordy’ tracks use, misuse of media buzzwords http://t.co/1VKINBI
 Tapjoy helps 10,000 apps go freemium http://t.co/jEtVgZj
 Survey: Median salary of business journalists is $56,220 http://t.co/DUJ5qhR
 Quick Stat: US Social Network Ad Revenues to Reach $3.08 Billion This Year http://t.co/48KCKP4
 14 Best Practices for Brands to Grow their Audiences in Social Media http://t.co/QoGFpZs
 Paywall Free-for-All http://t.co/rmEAjnB
 Couple charged after nearly 700 cats seized http://t.co/LrVzNdN
 My Content Amplification System http://t.co/MdC6usp



 4ENTREPRENEURS: Learn HTML5: 10 Must Read Lessons http://t.co/EBjTVrR
 Malpractice Risk According to Physician Specialty http://t.co/jSqeKrH
 Freemium items may make money for devs, but aren’t kept by consumers http://t.co/rNdX5jz
 StateNewslines http://t.co/oyJGJFf lets you browse, search and share headline news in any state for free… Enjoy!
 How Unconventional Entrepreneur Ria Sharon Overhauled Her Business To Spend More Time With Her Kidshttp://t.co/3sjOame

 Skype Wi-Fi comes to iOS devices http://t.co/wmi7HIw

 Don’t call Millennials — They won’t call you http://t.co/Wc4ZVP5
 It’s iPad or nothing, survey says http://t.co/kDbLqBh
 Top 10 Criteria for a Qualified Sales Presentation http://t.co/xyqusPn
 TextExpander for iPhone, iPad updates with Dropbox support http://t.co/R0jZhS1


 via @uschamber: Chamber survey: 80% of small biz owners view the current regulatory environment as unreasonable - http://t.co/3xjZSJJ
 via @evernote: The completely redesigned Evernote Firefox Extension http://t.co/zGdIsgW
 via @Vocus: 6 Twitter changes you should know about http://t.co/BHvicrV
 via @99designs: Brand Value Growth of Top Brands in 2011 – Industry Comparison!! | @graphicdesignblog |http://t.co/8rWDmcE
 via @MichaelHyatt: Excellent list: “12 Essential Tools for your Blogging Toolbox” by @BloggingPro |http://t.co/qUdaxCb
 via @MichaelHyatt: So true: “Writing is a Practiced Discipline More Than a Passion” by @TentBlogger |http://t.co/eWkZzV2
 via @MichaelHyatt: Why your emails need to be BRIEFER: “How to email important people” | http://t.co/NXYiI7j(via @Lifehacker)
 It’s been a great week. Personally. Professionally. Wishing a fantastic weekend for everyone!
 StateNewsWire http://t.co/47UEbs2 helps you send out statewide/local news releases. Please RT and share! #pr #prsa#media
 Personal: Video: Modern Warfare 3′s new Spec Ops ‘Survival’ mode http://t.co/idncelI
 Do You Have a Skill? Make Some Money With it on Skillshare http://t.co/FWqCwmP
 A Tiny World of Nano Origami http://t.co/fIOll8U
 7 Tips for Scoring Your First Article http://t.co/gncFZFr
 2011 KIDS COUNT Data Book released http://t.co/mPvHvUl
 Back to School = Traffic doesn’t it?
 Prayers for all those parents who are shepherding their kids through all of these ‘firsts’ – many moments to remember aren’t they?
 Met lots of different parents yesterday who were taking their kids to the first day of kindergarten, first day of high school, of college.


 Twitter Open Sources Web App Front End Tool-kit http://t.co/KMb3JMG
 Show Daily: 27% of Facebook time is on newsfeed http://t.co/QY7y06c
 Show Daily: 18% of all time online is spent on social media, 32% among young’uns http://t.co/w1TbmSA
 Show Daily: 52% of Americans have a Facebook profile http://t.co/bZPjPdz
 Android Users Prefer Native over Web Apps, Study Finds http://t.co/un6BnkD
 What Skills Every New Internet Entrepreneur Needs http://t.co/ZeK5W8q
 Google Releases iPhone App for Community Photo-Sharing http://t.co/vrOBvbj
 Amazon’s Websites Saw 20% of the World’s Internet Users in June http://t.co/wfYzIwa
 Memo to newspapers: The future of media is a two-way street http://t.co/Jc1fmXi
 The Man Behind Android’s Rise http://t.co/vSayXxg
 The newsonomics of what to read next http://t.co/igZVaI6
 83 percent of Google+ users are inactive [INFOGRAPHIC] http://t.co/6IYj7Bp


 McDonalds has more revenue than Starbucks, KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell… Combined!
 McDonalds feeds 64 million people per day in over 118 countries.
 McDonalds same store sales went from $1.7 million/yr in 2004 to $2.4 million/yr today #whyamericaisoverweight
 McDonalds stock has returned a 250% gain over the past 7 years vs 16% for the S&P 500
 Bad for Cows… McDonalds has 33,000 restaurants worldwide and $24 billion a year in sales.
 Just saw the percentage of U.S. adults with jobs is down to 58.1%, down from 64.7% in 2000.
 via @Elance: New to @Elance? Get started by visiting #Elance University here! http://ow.ly/66Ssz
 via @vc20: The Illusion of Entrepreneurs’ Success http://t.co/G5vPrP5 #startup, #entrepreneur, #vc, #networking:http://t.co/Df3OhYH
 via @MichaelHyatt: Here’s a recap of the @Evernote Trunk. We had a blast! | http://t.co/QPU0kg4 #evernote_etc
 Personal: Fox in Socks. Daniel in Box. http://t.co/UeXOmM0
 Personal: C.K. (Chicken Killer) and Green Chicken http://t.co/xDYnLm4
 4ENTREPRENEURS: Blackberry’s Tablet is Toast… No Carriers will Carry It… http://t.co/LivQ6oP
 4ENTREPRENEURS: Great Upgrade to the Kindle iPhone/iPad App today – Nite Owls Rejoice! http://t.co/Gxs2zTz
 Hungry Sheep (by tommy martin) http://t.co/Pu9CNDn
 4ENTREPRENEURS: The Top 10 Marketing Sites for Social Media Marketing Trends by Brian Solis http://t.co/wgkezn6


 Personal: Elevator doors in our building today… 13th floor anyone? http://t.co/fMSm7O9
 The Big Evernote for iOS Update http://t.co/vgYmqSR
 New lower-price Kindle with ads arrives http://t.co/vzxSOmJ
 Personal: Just got Squared! http://t.co/UYUoxm1
 StateNewslines http://t.co/oyJGJFf lets you browse, search and share headline news in any state for free… Enjoy!
 How to write the perfect email pitch | http://ht.ly/69tOj
 Journalist explains when and how to follow up a pitch | http://ht.ly/69tK2
 Personal: Call of Duty Black Ops Last DLC Pack – Zombie Labs Rezurrection Trailer http://t.co/bghu34n
 Call of Duty Black Ops Rezurrection Map Pack Preview http://t.co/QTr5qwn
 Grinder, Minder, Binder, Finder: Four Roles a Successful Employee Should Fill [Slide Show] http://t.co/zC6KAcI
 What Makes a Good Leader: An Interview with John Assaraf http://t.co/mP2wHrC





 First Book Provides 300000 Books to West Virginia Kids http://t.co/3xnspPb
 Twitter adds photo galleries http://t.co/cQAi1cA
 It makes you realize that in any serious situation like Katrina, etc, we will likely have to get along without such convenient communication
 Reflecting on the east coast earthquake today, how our first action to call/text almost immediately overwhelms the cell networks
 The Greenbrier planning global medical institute http://t.co/yBoT27R
 35% of Tablet Owners Use Them in the Bathroom [STUDY] http://t.co/0FOHFKH
 Wow.. We felt the VA/DC earthquake in Charleston, WV http://t.co/ZreNgol
 Time Spent Viewing Ads: Online vs. Television http://t.co/tQrMenV
 Have you heard about my new contest? Check it out: http://t.co/s7yhrVn http://t.co/Up7RNjY
 Khan Academy Integrates With Digital Textbooks http://t.co/Hk3l1Ec
 Newseum to waive admission fees on Sept. 10, 11 http://t.co/SAik8JH
 New Infographic: The Brandsphere by Brian Solis and JESS3 http://t.co/OzPaLPK
 LifeProof iPhone 4 case: Submerge your iPhone and smile http://t.co/SKbxDD2
 8 Tips for Using Quotes and Dialogue in Your Blog Posts http://t.co/fEmfTdy
 Billionaire Slim Boosts Stakes in NYT as Market Slumps http://t.co/u5qS0OU
 How to Optimize Your WordPress Database for Better Performance http://t.co/UVrxGfd
 National News Alert via @statenewslines for all #earthquake http://t.co/MG9hZWQ from all state/local news sources
 Personal: Wow.. We felt the VA/DC earthquake in Charleston, WV http://t.co/rY9QsHW
 West Virginia Shaken Not Stirred #earthquake
 Quiz: What Type of Networker Are You? http://t.co/tsIvPmV

 Personal: Proof that the web and social media are with us forever… http://t.co/U0isAnI


 5 Proven Facts Why You Should Tweet More Often http://t.co/9d4PqHh
 Interactive Marketing Spending to Hit $76.6 Billion in 2016 http://t.co/mmzTzXZ
 How To Trigger The 4 Forms Of Twitter Engagement http://t.co/6qiCnXT
 StateNewslines http://t.co/oyJGJFf lets you browse, search and share headline news in any state for free… Enjoy!
 http://t.co/pnK1s5a – I think I picked a bad time to walk 4 blocks without an umbrella!
 TheInterviewr: A Really Easy, Fast, Free Way to Record Telephone Interviews http://t.co/U1IGgs9
 5 startups to watch from Y-Combinator’s Summer 2011 class http://t.co/MYKM9Vg
 8 Best Practices for Deploying a Top-Ranked Mobile App http://t.co/lPMFY5K
 10 Excellent HTML5 coding Tools Many Users Don’t Know About http://t.co/0SbLgh7
 Is This the Time for Young Entrepreneurs to Sink or Swim? http://t.co/jhcRiOV
 Genius 13-Year-Old Has a Solar Power Breakthrough http://t.co/zU0ZTa6
 Free Textbooks For Students Will Break Greedy Monopoly http://t.co/DBnJnL7
 Steve Jobs chillin’ with Bill Gates circa 1991 http://t.co/paiE2kj
 30 Years of the PC: A Timeline http://t.co/0dM6M5f
 W.Va. journalist targets Facebook’s global role http://t.co/wJ7YOhm
 The 4-Hour Chef: The New Book with Amazon http://t.co/S3Pm5iw
 T.co Will Reveal Twitter’s True Traffic Referral Power http://t.co/NPjsEXg
 Explaining FNAC: Feature, Not a Company http://t.co/WbUSlHN
 Validating the Pitch Early On http://t.co/CZRiXmC
 Suster: What Startups Can Learn About PR and Crisis Management http://t.co/FWaEpoY


 Arizona man stuffs snakes in his pants, flees store http://t.co/DnG3gOw
 StateNewsWire http://t.co/Iw0MKJU helps you send out statewide/local news releases. Please RT and share! #pr #prsa#media
 Personal: Natures Car Wash = Parking by a Sprinkler in the Rain http://t.co/kPI7JYl
 Effectively Managing the Multigenerational Workforce http://t.co/VCib5ek
 Who’s Tweeting? 18% of Online Americans Send Tweets; 22% Read Them http://t.co/mqzSFbO


 4 Things Entrepreneurs Should Ignore From the Steve Jobs Formula http://t.co/JciR1Qg
 Personal: Lily is all smiles hanging out with Kristen today! http://t.co/fp7lTDd
 100 Strangers, 100 Personalities, 100 Stories http://t.co/ZwZSCCr
 The Economist on the iPad: Perfect http://t.co/Im8KLsp
 Users First, Brands Second http://t.co/B1facau
 The Economist on the iPad: Perfect http://t.co/5Xptp9b
 Google Intros the +1 Button Payoff http://t.co/AYdZ8tK
 Mobile Workers Put In Longer Hours and Like It [Infographic] http://t.co/zZhv2k3
 The Deadliest Disease Outbreaks Visualized http://t.co/vvuau68
 Personal: Social Media Intern: Xtranormal Video Mocks Marketers’ Social-Media Savvy http://t.co/YZzPmAM
 StateNewslines http://t.co/Jc51TTX lets you browse, search and share headline news in any state for free… Enjoy!
 Strategy Roundtable: How To Use Twitter For Lead Generation http://t.co/OtEWl8h
 via @MichaelHyatt: One of my RSS ads just became available. Advertise to 40,000 email and RSS subscribers daily |http://t.co/B7cu7H1
 via @MichaelHyatt: Trying to get back to checking email twice a day. I’m already feeling more productive! Here’s how:http://t.co/CyHj3PW


 Just “liked” a bunch of brands on FB. Figured it was time to share some love! 🙂 Discover Facebook Pageshttp://ht.ly/6ewcp
 via @MichaelHyatt: If you are hoping to get a book published, start here: “Advice to First-Time Authors” |http://t.co/MAgawkr
 via @MichaelHyatt: When my 5 daughters were young, I gave them 4 guidelines regarding modesty.http://t.co/wJ9JZEK
 via @CameronHerold: Check this video out — Cameron Herold “The Emotional Rollercoaster of Entrepreneurs” – GROW2011……
 Personal: Daniel has not let his dog out of his grasp now for three weeks http://t.co/NKc6wBo
 Watching the NYC mandatory evacuation makes you really think, “Would I be prepared to pick up and go with a less than a day’s notice?”
 Klout Seeks More Legitimacy, Adds Facebook Fan Page & Twitter List Support http://t.co/jMZv9OQ
 Will HTML5 Web Apps Rule Mobile? http://t.co/EOGoBXC
 Diploma or Dropout: The Entrepreneur’s Dilemma http://t.co/BDHAnlf
 StateNewsWire http://t.co/Iw0MKJU helps you send out statewide/local news releases. Please RT and share! #pr #prsa#media


 Personal: New Mission Trip Nicarargua Helping Young Schoolchildren http://t.co/sc2ZuHT


 The Incredible Story Of How TerraCycle CEO Tom Szaky Became A Garbage Mogul http://t.co/AMPuTxq
 W.Va. Chamber to Live Stream Business Summit http://t.co/TE5BCVt
 Become a Content Curation King http://t.co/IK3SSnK
 Startup or Start School? The Degree Debate http://t.co/Re0Po12
 The New, New Rules of Business Marketing http://t.co/TaJnYqF
 Angie’s List files for $75 million IPO http://t.co/fX1CV65
 Personal: Beautiful sky this morning driving to work http://t.co/KRWPr6p
 Y Combinator Start-Ups: Guess Which Will Be Worth A Billion http://t.co/RATVYWI
 Personal: Beautiful sky this morning driving to work http://t.co/LVuR9xB
 100+ CEOs pledge no campaign contributions http://t.co/QTVuJWx
 25 Most Influential Women Tweeting About Entrepreneurship http://t.co/rqHX6eZ
 4 Skills that Give Women a Sustainable Advantage Over Men http://t.co/vZ50hSt
 3 Powerful Skills You Must Have to Succeed in Sales http://t.co/Xbw9por
 A Day in the Life of a CEO http://t.co/T2FA4ys
 The Inc. 500 Global Map http://t.co/dSZb7rr
 Why McDonald’s wins in any economy http://t.co/wDjSTGb
 The Inc. 500 Global Map http://t.co/lB5khoJ
 A Day in the Life of a CEO http://t.co/ZrIVkI2
 Why People’s Use of Blogs Dominates Use of Twitter and Facebook http://t.co/qYTx8nj
 To Boost the Economy, Help the Self-Employed http://t.co/FqUZ5xJ


 The Plane, Boss! The Plane! http://t.co/8FpvaEA
 How Steve Jobs got the Internet to pay for content http://t.co/UZ53kZF
 How to Add the Twitter Tweet Button to Your Website or Blog http://t.co/MexIwD6
 Personal: Two Lily’s are Better than One! (Lily in the Mirror) http://t.co/KDGNsQv
 Two Lily’s are Better than One! (Lily in the Mirror) http://t.co/dwKNPt5
 Personal: Starbucks Waterfall at Town Center Today http://t.co/fk9uX56
 Starbucks Waterfall at Town Center Today http://t.co/Dx3vELm
 3 Ways Inventors Can Get thier Products Made http://t.co/TW3nDfD
 8 Productivity Tools To Save More Time http://t.co/2jlHt25
 Costly repairs may kill West Side trestle project http://t.co/eqLOcZR
 The TechStars Mentor Manifesto http://t.co/p4SKyoF
 The many ways Amazon could price a successful tablet http://t.co/Hn7UZd7
 11 Blog Proofreading Tips You Can’t Afford to Ignore http://t.co/3ok2RmK


 The Education of an Entrepreneur, Episode 1: The Story of Rose Cole http://t.co/2MqDRZl
 IPad Magazine Zite Finds Perfect Home, Acquired By CNN http://t.co/2E1S8Xq
 American Red Cross in Need of Blood http://t.co/NuE9rau
 Publishers share lessons from launching newspaper paywalls http://t.co/GRZEpBN
 Gartner: Social CRM Market Will Reach $1B In Revenue By 2012 http://t.co/c4iXYoX
 Neurosurgeon held captive in Libya on way back home http://t.co/5dcPjFs
 Politico now making as much money online as in print http://t.co/JEjY8hP





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