Experienced Technology Entrepreneur
Chief Encouragement Officer

Experienced Technology Entrepreneur
Chief Encouragement Officer

Experienced Technology Entrepreneur
Chief Encouragement Officer

Twitter Weekly Recap for 2012-09-08

Posted by Paul Helmick

I’m a Technology CEO and Experienced Entrepreneur. I love helping people use technology to grow their business. 

  • Can you believe it's September? #
  • New Photo: Zero to Sixty

    Daniel and Lily are on the move! http://t.co/W7zgh1AZ #

  • Lily vs TP http://t.co/adwQiM2S #
  • Twitter Weekly Recap for 2012-09-01 http://t.co/CGAnP3f0 #
  • New Photo: Daniel vs Treat Jar

    If only he could be good all the time! http://t.co/RL3gtnAw #

  • Interesting: 1.3M Law enforcement requests for cell phone tracking in June 2011. In all of 2010, only 3,000 wiretap warrants nationwide #
  • U.S. Marshals report that thanks to mobile tacking the average time it takes to find a fugitive has gone from 42 days to 2. #
  • More people have access to a mobile phone into a toilet or running water… #
  • New Photo: Daniel’s favorite toys are Kristen’s kitchen utensils and it’s rubbing off on Lily http://t.co/dpQwlcJL #
  • What to expect at next week’s Kindle event: A rumor roundup http://t.co/czcvrIOq #
  • Thankful. Grateful. Forgiven. Blessed. @biblecenterchurch #
  • New Photo: Fall is coming fast. Leaves starting to turn http://t.co/nOvMOxFw #
  • Living He loved me, dying He saved me
    Buried He carried my sins far away
    Rising He justified freely forever
    One day He's coming glorious day #
  • New Photo: Say Cheese! Don’t pick your nose! Hanging with my peeps http://t.co/xo3gA9ZU #
  • This App Knows More About Your Facebook Account Than You Do http://t.co/sZbMelgM #
  • Why I have a love-hate relationship with Twitter http://t.co/vSY0taNS #
  • Hoping to successfully renew my drivers
    license at DMV this morning. It takes a lot more documents it seems. #
  • Wishing the automatic 'Java Updates' to my computer didn't always try to upsell me and install additional anti-virus software… #
  • Watching 49 Quadrocopters Fly and Swarm Across the Night Sky Is Pretty Freaky [Video] http://t.co/wxkg8xqi #
  • Apple announces iPhone 5 event for September 12 http://t.co/8JdzyRcp #
  • Apple Is Worth More Than The Stock Markets Of Spain, Portugal, Greece and Ireland: Together http://t.co/zD9GgxoS #
  • With 60 Million Websites, WordPress Rules The Web. So Where's The Money? http://t.co/hGEYglW5 #
  • Entrepreneurship is hard but you can’t die http://t.co/WMdgZNNu #
  • Email Will Never Die – The Man Who Invented It Reveals Why http://t.co/5ElPgFEl – this is a great read… #
  • 37signals invests in The Starter League http://t.co/H5mfH03f #
  • Android Increases U.S. Market Share to 52 Percent [REPORT] http://t.co/f10HrCxl #
  • New Photo: Lily crawled up there on her own! http://t.co/6MgbZvTQ #
  • Top 25 iPad Apps for Kids: Best in Gaming, Education http://t.co/yW2ZY2jg #
  • New Photo: Hundreds of WV State Police Troopers preparing for memorial service http://t.co/MnwPlj7g #
  • Why the Most Interesting Man in the World Does Not Tweet http://t.co/870Wtcfo #
  • A 10-Point Plan for Connecting with Online Influencers (Without Turning into a Suck-Up) http://t.co/x1FHwTEf #
  • Newspapers getting outsmarted on mobile http://t.co/MSZOXuus #
  • 48% of Americans Prefer to Live for Today Than Plan for Tomorrow http://t.co/w7T8xzPk – Really? #
  • Top 10 Politics Websites – August 2012 http://t.co/nYEzeatN #
  • Offshore Reporting No Longer So Far-Fetched http://t.co/kYX3Hdfb #
  • mmm 🙂 Suddenlink offers new, faster Internet options http://t.co/Iduq2fBr #
  • too funny: “When faced with writer’s block, lower your standards and keep going.” – Sandra Tsing Loh #
  • Hmm splitting headache. My Rx? More caffeine! 😉 #
  • Thanks @bheater for your coverage of the Amazon event today. http://t.co/Hr8m7TsT #
  • One of the 97,562 live viewers of the Amazon Kindle event live right now on Twit.TV http://t.co/2DueHPAa #
  • Great quote by Bezos, "People don't want Gadgets anymore. They want services." #kindle #
  • Exponential surge in ebooks vs regular books… but overall people are reading more – that's good! #kindle #
  • I'm dehydrated from slobbering over getting a new night-lit kindle… #kindle #
  • Paperwhite… ahh come here little eReader… #kindle #
  • Jeff is smiling http://t.co/pMBxTz1a at the $$ this little guy will bring in! #kindle #
  • so so so so thin… Paperwhite will be incredible… http://t.co/d8psUMFF #kindle #
  • 8 weeks of battery life with the light on… whoa #kindle #
  • I'm glad that Amazon is finally giving us a backlight #Kindle vs just the Fire – battery life is key. #kindle #
  • Can you believe the basic Kindle is down to $69 bucks?? #kindle #
  • Kindle Paperwhite $119 w/free 3G delivery of books – great value #kindle #
  • Interesting many of top books now are self published http://t.co/OwQM2HRc #kindle #
  • Thinking I should give away my original Kindle Fire – what would be a worthy cause? #kindle #
  • Kindle Fire 1st gen price dropped to $159, upgraded with longer battery, faster, more memory #kindle #
  • Not to excited about the 10" at all – getting into iPad territory where it just cant hold it's own. #kindle #
  • If you can afford an iPad you get an iPad – otherwise the small Android tablets make sense. Amazon rules the eReader world. #kindle #
  • Amazon has to be in this space though or risk getting Apple's leftovers. They are strong enough to have the #2 tablet though. #kindle #
  • I think the only thing most folks cared about with the original Fire was that it was under $200 and could be read at night. #kindle #
  • The new Paperlight will rock for night-time reading though. I heard that 50% of all couples wanted to read at night. #kindle #
  • Waterproof Kindles – Who wants one? 🙂 #kindle #
  • Ok Amazon… let me click now and give you my money 🙂 #kindle #
  • Will the original Kindle Fires get an OS update that gives you some of these new features or do you need new hardware? #kindle #
  • Interested how the Kindle Fire profiles for multiple kids is pretty smart. #kindle #
  • Good price point for the Kindle Fire HD – will confuse all iPad/Kindle Fire fence sitters 😉 #kindle #
  • 250Mb will go so fast on 4G it will leave your head spinning and wallet open 🙂 #kindle #
  • I love the smell of a new eBook in the morning #kindle #
  • Just saw this on Amazon: Kindle Paperwhite, 6" High Resolution Display with B… by Amazon for $119.00 http://t.co/9oWRPmEX via @amazon #
  • New Photo: Ribfest! http://t.co/HriZDU3f #
  • I uploaded a @YouTube video http://t.co/lPd7LDDS Rock and Roller Coaster #
  • I uploaded a @YouTube video http://t.co/oGRGrcY4 Lily's First Steps #
  • I uploaded a @YouTube video http://t.co/jPDvB5Jq Daniel Vs Leapfrog Letters #
  • I uploaded a @YouTube video http://t.co/8qny6TNc Daniel vs Grinch #
  • I uploaded a @YouTube video http://t.co/IkQijhUP test snl intro #
  • I uploaded a @YouTube video http://t.co/iIHJnP4H test snwintro2 #
  • I uploaded a @YouTube video http://t.co/vFdN2bAk Daniel says "Daddy" #
  • Lily's learned her 12th word tonight… "Mine!" #

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