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International #Coffee Day Sept 29th. I never knew about this…

In all my years and all my cups of coffee. I just never knew there was a special day like this. Wikipedia International Coffee Day … [Read More...]


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Email continues to be the most effective digital marketing tactic

Marketers also identified these three top priorities for the coming year. Increasing customer engagement (49%); Increasing sales revenue (49%); Increasing leads for the sales team (48%); … [Read More...]


2014Q2 email campaign open and click through rates

If you're wondering what the average open and click through rates are for email campaigns, here you go: Via Marketing Charts … [Read More...]


Morgantown, WV LTE data speed

The AT&T LTE data speed in Morgantown is just incredible. it's so much faster than our Suddenlink cable at our home. … [Read More...]

Teenager builds browser plugin to show you where politicians get their funding

This is amazing - so cool to make the sources of funding for politicians so visible and transparent... and it just took a 16-year old to do it. The murky world of lobby groups bankrolling … [Read More...]


What Website Experience Do Consumers Value Most?

1. Most visitors feel the need...  For SPEED. Make sure your site fully loads very quickly. Website Speed 59% of respondents say they will wait no more than five seconds for a webpage to … [Read More...]


iPhone 6 launch. About 100 people in line. Only 15 iPhone 6 plus’s avail.

Initial demand for the iPhone 6 launch has been incredible. Over a hundred people in-line this morning for the 8 AM store opening. But the staff just said there are only 15 iPhone 6 plus's available … [Read More...]


Top 10 Desktop Health & Medical Information Websites – June 2014

It's always interesting how one site, in the end, seems to dominate in every niche like this. Via: Marketing Charts, Stats, Facts & Trends … [Read More...]


How American Adults Spend Their Time Online

Social networks account for the single largest share of consumers’ time online, then email, video and search. Via: Marketing Charts, Stats, Facts & Trends … [Read More...]


Where Does Our Money Go?

Money in. Money out. Awesome chart of where our money goes. Via: Daily Infographic … [Read More...]


Table: Number of Users on each Social Media Site: April 2014

Facebook: 1.23 billion monthly active users via Facebook YouTube over 1 billion monthly unique users via YouTube Twitter: 241 million monthly active u … [Read More...]

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International #Coffee Day Sept 29th. I never knew about this…

In all my years and all my cups of coffee. I just never knew there was a special day like this. Wikipedia International Coffee Day … [Read More...]


Lily is trying on her Halloween outfit

She gets so excited to play dress up. It's a bit more modest than most of the other "witch" outfits I see today. … [Read More...]


Fun weekend with the kids

I just enjoy spending every minute I can with them. This was probably one of our last weekends catching crawdads and minnows in the creek. … [Read More...]


Daniel’s creature art

My little man's imagination just runs wild. I love it. … [Read More...]

Kristen’s working now with the WVU School of Medicine / CAMC

I'm so proud of my wife and excited for her new job back with the WVU School of Medicine at the Memorial campus of CAMC. Getting to work again as an assistant professor and attending physician with … [Read More...]

Keep your heart

Keep your heart with all diligence, for out of it spring the issues of life…

  … [Read More...]


Lily is all dressed up for photo day at school

Our little girl is growing up so quickly. She has such a happy heart and lights up the room with her eyes and her smile. … [Read More...]

Optimism is the best way to see life!

I am a "glass half full" guy.  I always look for the best in people and the positive thing in every situation! … [Read More...]


Daniel and Lily splashing around

Having some fun in the water fountain. They really get along incredibly well with each other now. … [Read More...]


Family Time!

Enjoying a wonderful afternoon in Ripley West Virginia with Kristen's family. … [Read More...]

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How to Create an Amazon Affiliate Link in Google Chrome

How to Create an Amazon Affiliate Link in Google Chrome

Quickly Create a Simple, Clean Amazon Affiliate Link in Google Chrome. I was frustrated that to share an Amazon affiliate link with someone, that the link in my Web browser's address bar was just … [Read More...]


How to use IFTTT to Share WordPress Photos to Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter

Here is how I use Wordpress to share a photo and then via IFTTT (If This Then That) have it syndicated and posted to all of my personal social media services.  This let's me maintain control and … [Read More...]


Three Screens is a Charm!

Using an inexpensive $70 USB device, it's easy to expand your desktop computer and enjoy 2, 3, even 4 screens. This has been one of the most productivity enhancing improvements I've ever made to my … [Read More...]

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