Social Sharing Preferences

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Facebook rules the day, then Twitter but Pinterest is showing the most growth. Where do you share the most content?


Every year in four different quarters, social media is reexamined to see what is trending, which social network is on top, and where are the teens moving (which apparently is suppose to predict the next big thing?)

While a lot of emphasis is given to the number of users registered or how many people are active on the social networks, for me, that is not as consequential as how the social networks are being used and which one is getting more eyes on my content.

Here are the top three stats from the infographic that you need to know about social sharing.

  • The social network to grow the most with social sharing was Pinterest, whereas Facebook dropped in content.
  • The big business of eCommerce actually belongs to Pinterest while Facebook still owns the lead with people who share content about media, non-profit businesses, and big-business branding.
  • Pinterest is actually only dominate in North America, so if you are looking for a non-North American or global approach to social media, Facebook and Twitter are still your top networks to invest in.

Excerpt from ChurchMag

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