Personal Articles


Update:  Here are some short, quick insights on a variety of personal things I find interesting. I share a clip/snippet of articles and posts, reference the source article, and provide a personal comment/insight on the topic.


Pearls for the girls

Treasured by every lady I know, Lily tries on her first set of little girl pearls. @paulhelmick on Instagram

Beary happy

Lily's build-a-bear got a wardrobe update... @paulhelmick on Instagram

Christmas Eve princess

Something happens inside a little girl's heart when you put a crown on her head... @paulhelmick on Instagram

Captain of a pirate ship in shark infested waters

This is a pretty cool toy. A pirate ship filled with water and you put little robot sharks in. For the life of me I couldn't figure out how to assemble at all and finally just gave up and poured in the water... Just add robot sharks and Daniel was happy as could be!!...

Family time

One of the best parts a Christmas is getting the whole family together for dinner. It's fantastic just sit around the table and talk and spend time together. Kristen, Daniel and Lily. My mom and dad, my sister and her husband, and Kristen's mother and grandmother. So...

First big dollhouse

I don't think you're a daddy until you've put together (lots of assembly required) your first dollhouse for your daughter. Lily loved it! @paulhelmick on Instagram

Giant giraffe

Lily didn't get left out of the big creature collection either - it takes up half her bed! @paulhelmick on Instagram

Christmas full moon. (Rare)

What a special night to be with my sweetheart! Dec 25th 2015... The full moon hasn’t fallen on Christmas Day since 1977, and won’t come back for another 19 years. @paulhelmick on Instagram

An amazing art kit from Nana

Daniel loves to draw. His grandmother got him such an amazing art kit to enjoy.  I can't wait to see what he comes up with! @paulhelmick on Instagram

Daniel and Lily in their last Christmas drama skit

Last day of school, 2015, Christmas party with Daniel and Lily's class.  His teacher helped them put on a wonderful drama show and had a bunch of great games for them to play on their last day. from Instagram:

Playing matching with great grandma

Daniel and Lily having a fun time playing cards with Mamaw (their great grandma 85) - they so look forward to time with her. from Instagram:


There wasn't a lot of snow... but what we had we made the most of!! The kids always love getting to visit my mom and dad. from Instagram:

Nice List or Naughty List?

Two seconds apart. Two different faces.  Isn't it funny how fast things can change? from Instagram: